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Journalism students of today face more varied and dynamic career opportunities than they ever have. Journalism now encompasses a wide variety of jobs, from writing and broadcasting to videography and web publishing. The proliferation of the internet and mobile technologies is being increasingly reflected in the curriculum of many journalism courses.

Journalism Degrees

Journalism education is very different now than it was with the first journalism courses in the mid-19th century. Due to the explosion of media outlets on the World Wide Web, cable television and satellite radio, today’s journalism students need to have a well-rounded journalism education.

  • Journalism degrees cover the basic skills every journalist should possess to create reports for various media types.
  • Photography courses teach skills that are increasingly being used by journalists working on the World Wide Web and even radio, not just for students planning a career as a photojournalist.
  • Video Production courses are becoming increasingly useful for new-media journalists as video content is increasingly being consumed on computers and other devices.
  • Multimedia courses teach students how to combine video, audio, photography and internet technologies like slide shows and polls to craft a story.

Journalists used to learn their craft mainly through on-the-job training. Although such direct entry still exists at some newspapers and other media outlets, today most journalism careers require a formal post-secondary education of some sort.

One growing area in the field of journalism is that of web publishing, where many journalists are finding employment. Many journalism courses now include some sort of web education in order to prepare for this alternative.

Although the field of journalism is an ever-changing pursuit, some things remain the same. A journalist, no matter where the journalist’s work is being published or broadcasted, still has to be able to deliver under pressure. Traits valuable to people wishing to go into journalism include a genuine interest in what is happening around them, and a quick and accurate grasp of the language of their choice.


Studying Journalism

Most universities today offer degrees in journalism, and many even have a school dedicated to the subject. However, what topics are taught and how they are taught is often very different.

Many schools, both universities and otherwise, offer vocational journalism degrees. These are somewhat more common in the UK, where vocational journalistic education is the fastest growing. Teachers in the UK are more often chosen based on their experience in the profession rather than on their academic qualifications and research potential.

A practical internship element is commonly included in both undergraduate and post graduate journalism degrees. Different schools focus on different concentrations, such as broadcasting, or web or newspaper, and others choose to give a more general approach, including a little bit of everything. What courses you choose will naturally also focus your journalism education toward the career path you are most drawn to.

Careers in Journalism

Employers always have their eye out for the next rising talent in the field of journalism. Not only does a study abroad experience boost your resume, it also enhances your network to include all the international contacts you have met along the way.

Some average stats about jobs in journalism according to and the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Typical entry-level education

Bachelor's degree

Number of jobs


Average salary (based on years of experience):

Journalist Salary

USD $23,099 - $58,571

Reporter Salary

USD $24,784 - $68,042

Editor Salary

USD $32,947 - $81,588

Content Writer Salary

USD $29,791 - $69,785

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