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Studying a business degree abroad

Without business, the world would cease to function as we know it. Every transaction we make, every company we deal with and every advertisement we see has roots in the discipline of business. In an increasingly globalized and business-oriented world, those with the entrepreneurial spirit to turn their ideas into real life innovation are viewed as the true thought leaders of our time. Are you next? Taking a business degree abroad may provide you with the foundation you need to bring a bright idea into fruition or kick-start a successful career in a variety of industries.

Since business is a broad discipline that encompasses virtually thousands of industries, there are a wide selection of business degrees tailored to match various subjects and sectors. Prospective business students are likely to have a preferred area of study they would like to specialise in such as digital business, administration or management, but they may also choose to take a business degree that condenses various specializations into one program.

There is a wealth of knowledge and opportunity to be gained from studying business abroad. On top of learning what keeps the world ticking over, graduates will become great at problem solving and gain valuable critical thinking and leadership skills. By taking a business degree abroad, you will be studying an international subject on an international scale. You will be able to observe the universal influence of business, and discover first-hand how different countries conduct business in their own unique manner. You will also have the exciting chance to harness your entrepreneurial energy and network with likeminded students.

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What can I do with a business degree?

A business degree offers an endless amount of possibility. There is a requirement for business in almost every industry, all over the world. Business graduates benefit from a great deal of flexibility and have the attractive prospect of working in a variety of well-paid major industries, including but not limited to:

  • Technology (software, hardware, online services)
  • Financial services (insurance, banking, auditing and investment)
  • Media (broadcasting, publishing, film, music and news media)
  • Construction
  • Transport & Logistics

A businessperson’s role in a company can vary depending on company type, industry, company size or the specific business degree they wish to pursue. Large establishments may have a department that employs several business graduates, while smaller firms may have graduates participate in a versatile selection of administrative or organizational roles such as marketing, sales, accounting or entrepreneurship.

Some potential job titles for a person studying business abroad are:

  • Account Executive
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Office Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Quality Control Coordinator
  • Risk Manager
  • Service Representative

What does a business degree require? 

Because of the fantastic prospects that studying business can offer, places on programs at top business schools are highly sought after and requirements can be strict. A business degree often requires an excellent grasp of mathematics, and you will most likely have to already hold qualifications in maths or economics to fulfil a school’s requirements. Additionally, the most successful business students are effective communicators who can thrive in group-based tasks but also have the independence to take their own initiatives.

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