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At, we help you find your ideal study abroad education. Use our unique education search engine to find thousands of programs around the world. Education programs are listed by category, location, and education level (bachelor, diploma, PhD, etc.). When you find a program that interests you, request information from the school using the form on the page. has a wide variety of different education levels including diplomas, bachelors degrees, masters degrees, doctorates and PhD courses, distance learning and summer courses. Good luck with finding your future education abroad!

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Student reviews

Anja   |   6/20/2018
My study programme at AMSIB gave me the tools to be successful in my current position as CEO of a German-Korean joint venture in Seoul. Courses such as Mandarin, Entrepreneurship and Asian Culture, taught in small settings, armed me with valuable skills like forming business plans and creating suitable strategies for the various Asian markets. ...
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Georg   |   6/15/2018
With a Bachelor’s degree in Brand Management from Brand Academy in my pocket, I moved to Brasil and started working as a Brand Manager. I was able to benefit from my strong understanding of markets as well as from the practical experience I had gained through the many practice projects throughout my studies.
Simangalisco   |   6/13/2018
I am very grateful for sailing with me up to now. Thanks for your patience and untiring will to help me. Online education in Zimbabwe is a very new system. Not many people are familiar with it. Many were discouraging me that it is difficult and that I wont make it. But as a determined woman, a mother of three, a psycho-social support render, I a...
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