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Why study for a political science degree abroad?

Political science is a social science that centers on government institutions and political thoughts, actions, and behaviors in societies around the world. 

Since the global political landscape is constantly changing, studying for a political science degree will teach you something new every day. And considering the international nature of politics, there are plenty of options for students interested in pursuing a political science degree abroad at some of the best political science schools in the world. If you’re keen to enter an exciting field with a wealth of international education and career opportunities, then studying for a political science degree could be a great choice for your future. 

Read on to discover more about the study of political science, and find a political science degree program from a top political science school that’s right for you!

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What will you learn in a political science degree program?

Studying for a political science degree will deepen your knowledge of government and politics, not only making you a more informed citizen, but also preparing you for success in your professional life. 

Political science degree programs generally cover the subjects of politics, government, economics, and international studies. Political science majors can expect to take courses like political theory, comparative politics, media and politics, and policy development. Political science majors may also have the option to choose a concentration within the study of political science, such as law, economics, international relations, or sociology

After studying political science, political science majors will walk away with a sharp set of debate, writing, and communication skills. Political science programs can also develop your skills in quantitative reasoning and analytical thinking, which are applicable in careers across a wide range of industries. 

Most political science programs are available at the bachelor's level, and usually take 3 to 4 years to complete. Many programs are offered at the master’s and doctorate levels as well, which are geared towards students who are seeking further education in the discipline or intend to become political scientists. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a political science degree abroad, there are plenty of study options available for you to choose from. Explore political science degrees at some of the best political science schools from around the world.

What can you do with a political science degree?

Earning your political science degree will allow you to embark on a number of different career paths. Graduates with political science degrees have the educational qualifications for a variety of jobs in politics and government, and can work in roles such as policy analyst, legislative assistant, political consultant, and lobbyist. You can even take your political ambitions to new heights and run for office someday! 

Many graduates also use their political science degree as a stepping stone towards obtaining a master’s or doctorate degree in another field. For instance, it’s pretty common for political science majors to attend law school and become an attorney later on. 

But even if you’re not planning to get a postgraduate degree in the future, there are still plenty of occupations where you can put your political science background to use.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for paralegals and legal assistants are projected to increase 10 percent by 2029, so this could be a promising route for political science majors who are interested in the legal profession. Alternative career options for those who hold a political science degree include journalism, speech writing, social media management, and public relations. 

You’ll find average salary statistics for jobs popular among political science graduates below, which have been obtained from PayScale

Job Role & Average Salary

  • Policy Analyst - $54k
  • Paralegal - $49k
  • Legal Assistant - $42k
  • Attorney / Lawyer - $85k