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    Project Management Degrees Abroad

      Degrees in Project Management

      Why study a project management degree abroad?

      If you’re interested in the intersections of communication, leadership, and business, a project management career could be a great fit for you. Project managers are primarily concerned with projects--be it a construction project or a technology project. They initiate, plan, and execute projects, and will often have to delegate tasks to team members, taking into account various factors like time, scope, and money. Project managers are in hot demand by all sorts of industries and companies, and a project management degree could set you ahead of the competition in the job market. Studying this field will equip you with skills that will allow you to thrive in most companies, making this degree very versatile. While most people who study project management do want to become project managers, it’s not the only career path available to you. You could also go into business, logistics, engineering, or supply chain management.

      project managers working on a laptop and paper

      What are the prerequisites for studying project management abroad?

      If you want to study project management, you’re probably already detail-oriented and a natural leader. If you’re interested in a master’s degree or diploma in project management, you will want to have some exposure to business principles, be it through real world experience or a bachelor’s degree in business or a similar field. However, project managers come from all sorts of backgrounds, including engineering and science. Most programs are looking for students with strong academic backgrounds in general, regardless of what you’ve studied in the past.

      What will I learn studying project management abroad?

      Project management degrees come in many forms, from master’s degrees to certifications. Some programs are actually business degrees with a special focus on project management; other programs are only concerned with project management. Regardless of your program type, you’ll be exposed to courses that will help you learn about the full life cycle of a project, from the beginning, to middle, to end. Because project managers are involved with every facet of a project, students will learn organizational skills, how to delegate tasks, time management, and how to start and wrap up projects. You’ll also learn about the various challenges that project managers might encounter, as well as how to assess and manage risk.

      Some examples of courses may include, but are not limited to:

      • Private Finance for Development
      • Scheduling and Time Management
      • Risk Assessment
      • Human Resources Management
      • Construction Economics
      • Development and Project Economics
      • Cost Management
      • Project Cycle Management

      Most programs are comprised of a combination of lectures, seminars, group projects, and internships that will allow you to get a head start within the field.

      Here are some average statistics for project management jobs in the U.S., according to

      Average salary (based on years of experience):

      0-5 years

      5-10 years

      10-20 years

      20+ years

      USD $59,999

      USD $74,190

      USD $83,363

      USD $89,000

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