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Study Philosophy Abroad

If you think philosophy students just spend their time in classrooms debating questions with no answers, think again. A degree in philosophy prepares students to tackle some of the world’s toughest questions and create the solutions. Are you up for the challenge?

The most well-rounded philosophy students are those who take their philosophy degrees abroad to gain an international perspective of the problems affecting people around the world. Follow in the footsteps of Rene Descartes and study in France or John Stuart Mill and study in England.

No matter where you choose to study philosophy abroad, the experience will not only teach you about major movements in philosophical thought from around the world, it will also prepare you to think critically and creatively to solve tough problems. Therefore, a philosophy degree abroad is the perfect option for students who want to take their education seriously and set themselves up for future professional success.

Best Philosophy Degrees

Arguing your point of view is an important skill all philosophy students will have to master, but the best philosophy schools take the challenge further by equipping their students with the ability to not only argue but come up with convincing solutions that have a practical application to real-world problems.

A day in the life of a philosophy student usually involves a lot of independent reading and research coupled with lectures, seminars, and forums. Students will also need to work with their fellow classmates on group projects which is a great way to make some new friends. So, don’t be shy! An important aspect of studying for a philosophy degree is being able to discuss and debate existential topics.

If the library gets stuffy, take your conversations to the streets of your new city and explore new cafes, museums, and parks to find the perfect hang out spot.

Philosophy student abroad.

Careers in Philosophy

The dream is to turn your philosophy degree into a successful career as this century’s influential thinker. But that’s not your only option. The skills developed by studying philosophy abroad allow students to enter numerous fields, since employers love candidates who can think outside the box.

Some careers that make use of a degree in philosophy include the following:

  • Cognitive scientist
  • Government agent
  • Lawyer
  • Marketing manager
  • Medical practitioner
  • Professor
  • Venture capitalist

Although some careers, such as a lawyer, require extra schooling, graduate schools look favorably on students who have philosophy degrees, as it demonstrates the student can tackle fundamental questions and problems.

Prerequisites for a Degree in Philosophy

The best philosophy schools will often require that prospective students have demonstrated they have previously performed well in their classes, especially classes focused on the humanities, including history and literature. Both undergraduate and graduate students will have to provide a copy of their academic transcripts, along with any standardized test results.

International students will also have to prove their English proficiency, as many philosophy degrees are conducted entirely in English. An essay will also most likely be required to complete your application.