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Animals and their effect on us, our society and our development are gaining an ever greater importance in many parts of the world today. Animal Studies does not just cover Veterinary Medicine, but also how to care for them, bread them and help them survive together with us for a sustainable development of both animals and humans.

There is no exact definition of animal studies. It is used quite generally to describe any form of study of animals. This includes their life, our impact on them and theirs on us, their history and their future and how to manage animals in our ever changing environment.

Careers in Animal Studies

As in most disciplines animal studies opens up the possibility of both academic careers and non academic ones. The field is relatively young, and research is ongoing. A lot of research at the moment is aimed at sustainable development for animals and their coexistence with human kind. This is not just in the form of wild life management, but also in the sense of agriculture, especially in the developing world. Many who choose to go into the area of animal studies , do so with the wish to make animals a part of their day to day life. This can be with anything from companion care to veterinary assistants, wildlife care and management, and agriculture. In many cases this can mean starting a business such as animal day care, grooming, breeding of horses etc. Some also choose to go into the nonprofit and in some cases official sector to work with wild life, and their survival. Yet others end up caring for captive animals in zoos or laboratory settings, sometimes in combination with research.

Studying Animal Studies

Courses within the area of animal studies are offered as university degrees, but also to a large extent in the form of vocational training. Which is most common, may depend on which country you are looking to study in, and which focus your interests have. Whether you choose university or vocational training really depends on your chosen orientation in combination with availability in your chosen location. What you should take into consideration is that many vocational courses may have a more hands on approach but also a more narrow focus. This may in turn limit your potential career choices in the future. However, if you know exactly what area you are most interested in, a vocational course is often a very good step stone into working life. Many universities around the world offer a variety of degrees within animal studies. Some of the most popular and highly regarded, especially with focus on wild life can be found in Australia. Animal studies is available as both bachelor and master's degrees. Master's degrees are often available not only for those wishing to deepen their knowledge, but also for those wishing to make a career change.