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    Popular education type

    Master Degrees in Business Studies

    Various types of business master degrees

    The major master degree courses in business and management are organization management and business administration. Business administration covers areas of finance, organization, marketing, human resource and accounting. While organizational management addresses area like organizational change system, group dynamic and entrepreneurship.


    Upon the completion of the courses, candidates will able to understand the material concepts, principles of finance, marketing strategies, accounting methods and principles, human resource, and the general management of any corporate business. The candidates will also qualify to understand business ethics and law as well as learn business and management professional communication. Master degrees in business and management offer the best corporate managers and entrepreneurs globally.

    Popular specializations

    A master degree in business will provide grounding for a range of specialist careers like marketing, project management, accounting, finance and human resource.  It gives candidates the opportunity to expand their knowledge and build skills gained during undergraduate studies.

    Requirements and application procedure

    To be accepted to a master degree program, a candidate needs a minimum bachelor's degree in a relevant field. However, if a participant does not have a first degree, then they may be considered on the basis of their work experience and the relevance of the degree to their role.  The application procedures vary depending on the University and whether the applicant is a local or international student.

    The length of study

    Master degrees in business and management usually take 1-2 years depending on the area of study.