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Wageningen University

Find your education abroad at Wageningen University: the leading European university in the Life Sciences!

Wageningen University (Wageningen UR) is a unique organization that combines academic, strategic and applied research with innovative education at BSc, MSc and PhD levels. Wageningen University is the leading European university in the Life Sciences. Researchers and students focus on the fields of nutrition, health, nature and the living environment.

For the fourth year in a row, Wageningen University has topped the list of 14 Dutch universities in the Guide to Choosing Higher Education. The University is in the top 100 of all universities in the world published by the Times Higher Education Supplement.

Wageningen University and Research Centre is an international knowledge institution with excellent international reputation which attracts students from more than 100 countries (1186 students). It holds a top five position in the worldwide publication index in the field of agriculture, plants, animals and environment.

Wageningen University has many partners in the field of education and research in more than 70 countries, including double degrees, short courses, student exchange and internships.


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Good study, great atmosphere. Nice and friendly teachers, who keep pushing you to get more out of your study and lectures Fantastic thesis opportunities within WUR and outside. Although it is called biomedical research, the true medical component doesn't involve learning the human pathology. This is optional, but not included in study program, ...
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Jan Hendrickx
Wageningen University excels in providing a top-notch scientific education to prepare its graduates to solve real-world problems. The focus is NOT on answering the science question but to solve the problem using all the science available and developing more science if needed.
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