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Master Degrees in France

France is a wonderful country steeped in an illustrious culture of gastronomy, fashion, landmarks and natural spectacles. When all is considered, it is easy to see why year after year 'L'Hexagone' remains one of the most popular study and travel destinations in the world. Between the countryside and coast, iconic cities and globally revered wines and cheeses, every student looking to study a master's degree in France is guaranteed to discover something suited to their taste.

With over 100 esteemed universities and higher education institutions, France has a renowned academic system that champions excellence in all fields. You too can incorporate this excellence into your postgraduate education and future career by embarking on a master's degree in France!

Choosing your institution

When considering a master's degrees in France, your key objective should be to receive high quality education; but this isn't where it should end! Infact, education is just the beginning. Of course study is the top priority, but a big part of the experience is enjoying being immersed in a new culture and surroundings.

As you try to figure out which university to join, you should also carefully look at the area in which it is situated. Do you want to live in a bustling city like Paris or Marseille? or are you more suited to quieter, picturesque regions like Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes? Whatever you opt for, studying abroad in France will give you a chance to supplement your knowledge, receive quality education, discover new things and even perfect the French language!

Admission requirements 

In most cases, you cannot be admitted for master's degrees in France until you have completed a relevant bachelor's degree. You may also be pass a few preliminary courses prior to being enrolled. If your master's program is taught entirely or partly in the French language, you are likely to be called upon to prove your proficiency by completing a test or providing a language qualification. Make sure you meet the conditions and brush up on your French with a language courses today!

Puy L Eveque in the Lot Valley

Funding for master degrees

Once you have began the application process for your preferred master's degree in France, you can seek access to financial support to help get you through the two or so years of learning ahead. Something worth noting is that all public universities in France have government support, and because of this, the tuition costs tend to be low in comparison to the rest of western and northern Europe.

Therefore, in addition to the country's illustrious culture and history, the fairer costs of obtaining master's degrees also consolidate France's status as a top destination for graduate learners. Get in touch with your institution and see which financial support options may be available to you.

Opportunities after study

Once you have completed your master's degree, you can be confident that your chances of acceptance for doctoral studies will be high. This is in accordance with the fact that qualifications obtained at French institutions are globally recognized.

If you are not considering further studies, you also have the chance to lay the foundations for a successful future career. Choose a French institution where in addition to traditional classroom-based learning, you will also be able to access training or internship opportunities that will introduce you to real life work situations.