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Bachelor's Degrees in France



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Bachelor Degrees in France

From the iconic charms of Paris to the glamorous Mediterranean coastlines of the Riviera, France is without doubt one of Europe's most diverse and spectacular countries. Renowned globally for its unique offerings to gastronomy, fashion, art and architecture, higher education is also an area that France excels in. 

With an emphasis on the pursuit of excellence, prospective students looking to study their bachelor's degree in France can expect to complete their program having gained an internationally recognized qualification as well as an unrivaled insight into French life, language and culture. 

Bachelor's degrees in France

The vast majority of higher education institutions in France, primarily colleges and universities, offer academic, technical, and professional bachelor's degree programs in nearly all disciplines. Some of the most prevalent bachelor's degrees on offer in France include business, humanities and culture, engineering and technology, information technology, literature, design and media.

Whichever subject you are looking to study, there is guaranteed to be a top French institution offering a bachelor's degree that perfectly meets your undergraduate ambitions.

Bachelor's degree structure

The academic year in France is designed to run from mid-September to late June the following year. The study duration for completing a bachelor's degree can vary depending on the program you wish to study. It is important to note that degrees in many  French public universities are usually designed to last up to 4 years.

Despite this, many other institutions, including universities, also provide short term courses which can typically last a shorter period of at least 2 years. These courses are usually designed to prepare students for specific areas of study they may go on to pursue in future. 

Street in Paris with Eiffel Tower View

Tuition fees

Depending on the institution you are looking to study at, France generally has very low tuition fees. You may be able to study your bachelor's degree for free, or receive financial aid from local authorities. With its abundance of government funded institutions, many students are drawn to study their bachelor's degree in France because of the relatively low cost of tuition in comparison to other regions. 

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for studying a bachelor's degree in France will vary depending on the institute you are applying to. Knowledge is key, so prospective students should research via the website of their chosen institution to find out details. However, you will probably require transcripts of previous diplomas and study results, proof of proficiency in the French or English language (if you are a non-EU student) and sometimes a standardized test in your chosen subject area.

Language requirements

Depending on the language your bachelor's program is taught in, you may be required to prove your proficiency. If the degree is instructed in English, non-native speaking  international students are often required to submit their TOEFL/IELTS scores as proof of proficiency alongside their academic transcripts and/or certificates.

If you are planning on studying in French, or a combination of both French and English, or Spanish for example, you may also be required to pass a language test or submit results before you can enroll on your program of preference. Fortunately, there are plenty of great language courses available to suit your needs and help you perfect your French and English skills before or during your time in France. Browse language courses here.

Interested in learning more about what your study experience in France could be like? Check out our useful guide below!