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812 Graduate Certificate Degrees 2024



  • Graduate Certificate
Fields of study
  • Administration Studies (29)
  • Architecture Studies (7)
  • Art Studies (10)
  • Aviation (3)
  • Business Studies (111)
  • Construction (8)
  • Cosmetology Studies (0)
  • Design Studies (23)
  • Economic Studies (58)
  • Education (72)
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Graduate Certificate Degrees Explained

What is a graduate certificate? A graduate certificate is a post-baccalaureate qualification awarded by colleges, universities, and technical schools around the world. Depending on where the certificate is awarded, a graduate certificate confers either bachelor- or master-level qualifications. For example, in the UK and other Commonwealth countries, a graduate certificate is awarded to undergraduate students; in the US, graduate certificates are a post-graduate qualification and may be issued as part of a master’s or PhD program. Students usually pursue a graduate certificate after completing at least one undergraduate degree. A certificate earned at a bachelor level may have a more limited scope than one earned at a master level because of the student’s different experience with her or his field of study. Scholars may pursue this education to gain a deeper understanding of their chosen field or to prepare themselves for a promotion. The cost of a graduate certificate will depend on the country and institution where you study, though in some countries the cost of a graduate certificate is significantly less than tuition in a traditional master’s degree program. A graduate certificate program may also take less time to complete than a full bachelor’s or master’s degree program.