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About this program

PhD in Mining and Mining Geomechanics

The doctoral study in the Mining and Mining Geomechanics program is designed for graduates of the master’s degree program in Mining of Mineral Resources.

This degree program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to prove successful in various academic and research institutions, as well as in companies and public institutions engaged in the creation and development of applications covering relevant procedures and technologies used to support the work activities of these entities in practice.

The study program aims to prepare students who will have a deep and systematic knowledge of the subject and scope of the study field that will match the current state of knowledge in this field. This will allow them to use advanced research procedures in the field in a way that allows them to expand their knowledge of the field via original research, as well as the implementation and management of projects introducing new ways of solving various issues concerning the raw materials industry into practice.

Admission requirements

  • diploma (follow-up) master’s degree;
  • diploma supplement;
  • a document proving the fulfilment of the condition of proper completion of studies in (follow-up) master degree program if education was obtained abroad (not applicable equivalent documents, e.g. from the Slovak Republic).
  • language certificate. The applicant is required to demonstrate their ability to study in the chosen language. In the case of studying in the Czech language, it is sufficient to submit a proof of university degree completed in the Czech or Slovak language; otherwise the applicant must submit a certificate proving their knowledge of the Czech language at B1 level. In the case of studying in the English language, it is sufficient to submit a proof of university degree completed in the English language; otherwise the applicant must submit a certificate proving their knowledge of English at B1 level (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS). If the information on teaching in English is not given on the document of previous education, it is necessary to provide the so-called "Medium of instruction".

For more information about admission requirements, please visit the university website.

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Program content


  • Deposit Mining

Choice-compulsory type B

  • Advanced DEM simulations in processes
  • Blasting operations
  • Development and Research of Composite Materials
  • Geomechanical Modelling
  • Geomechanics
  • Machines and Equipment for Mineral Extraction
  • Management of Mining Enterprise
  • Measurement of Displacements and Deformations
  • Mine and Subsurface Ventilation
  • Mineral Processing
  • Mines Securing and Liquidation
  • Mine Surveying
  • Mine Workings Stability and Geomechanical Monitoring
  • Mining and their Environmental Impacts
  • Mining Law and Safety Regulations
  • Mining Risks and Safety
  • Reclamation of Regions Affected by Mining
  • Review of Mining
  • Rock and Soil Mechanics
  • Theory of particulate matter
  • The theory of designing process lines
  • Unconventional Methods of Deposits Utilization
  • Wastes from Mining Activity and Their Utilization

Scholarships & funding

Several scholarship options are available. Please check the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava for more information.


Tuition fee: 500 CZK per semester, approx. 20 EUR per academic year


Graduate's knowledge

The doctoral graduate will gain expert knowledge concerning the interrelations of natural sciences and engineering disciplines that are part of the relevant study program. During their studies, students gain a high motivation and professional approach due to their systematically active participation in the process of solving various projects, practical issues and learning about new findings in the field of mining and geomechanics. The graduate is expected to have a deep theoretical knowledge of theories and methods, the ability to systematically assess anomaly phenomena, use their conceptual and analytical capabilities and current modern methods in solving actual situations, actively communicate with field experts, and develop new procedures and methods for mining and geomechanics. Accepting new trends related to our EU membership and participation in vast European structures and projects must also be an essential part of these graduates' professional orientation. The graduate will be sufficiently linguistically educated and prepared to participate actively in foreign internships, international conferences, and symposiums, as well as to publish abroad.

Graduate's skills

Professional skills allow a doctoral graduate to analyse the assigned tasks, as well as to design and evaluate alternative ways of solving them. He/she can defend his/her proposed solutions and convert the ideas into a sequence of steps leading to their implementation. The graduate can participate in a professional discussion, communicate with colleagues and contracting entities, which allows him/her to take a leading position in the problem-solving team. Experience in dealing with new issues and applying new principles of scientific work into practice allows acquiring new expertise, skills, and capabilities. He/she can communicate about technical issues in a foreign language. By active participation in professional conferences, he/she develops the abilities to present his/her results and achievements, comes to his/her conclusions and communicates with the professional public. As a part of his/her involvement in teaching, provided in the form of practicals from special subjects, the doctoral student develops his/her pedagogical and communication skills, as well as the ability to further deepen his/her knowledge. Doctoral students acquire professional skills especially in laboratories, carrying out various experiments of the relevant doctoral student training unit and in solving research and other projects in close cooperation with practice. The person can independently design, evaluate and use an advanced scientific procedure in the application areas of mining and mining geomechanics, and also master experimental methods used in the relevant study program.

Career paths

Graduate's employment

Graduates of the doctoral study program in Mining and Mining Geomechanics will be able to apply themselves:

  • in all management positions within the scope of Decrees (up to “underground mine manager“ or “quarry manager“),
  • in the area of state authorities,
  • in the operations of geomechanical services,
  • in mining and land registry offices, as well as building authorities and property authorities departments,
  • as managers in companies dealing with reclamations of lands,
  • as executives in the areas of ventilation and air-conditioning systems,
  • as managers in the areas of design and preparation of mining activities, and for activities carried out using mining techniques,
  • as scientists specialising in geomechanics and geophysics or rocks,
  • as a process line technologist,
  • as a processing technologist,
  • as a designer of equipment intended for a particular material,
  • as a head of research teams,
  • in quality control of engineering works,
  • as various specialists,
  • as university lecturers.

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