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Musical Theatre with Foundation

University of West London
4 years
Bachelor's degree
On campus
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Program description

This innovative and unique BA course is a four year specialist degree course with an intensive practical first year at foundation level to consolidate essential performance and audition skills necessary for a comprehensive training to take place in the final three years of study.

It is understood that many students have an interest in musical theatre but are not always secure in the performance skills necessary to communicate an effective sense of character and truth. The foundation year of the course aims to develop specific individual skills and will concentrate on the actor-singer and so give a wide variety of opportunities to discover the important elements of the industry.

You may well have a specific skill in one of the three disciplines but are not always aware of the implications of cross fertilisation of disciplines in order to create the effective performer.

As a course taught within a music conservatoire we are able to offer a unique training in order to support and prepare the important vocal work essential to a long lasting and healthy career in this discipline.

Entry for this course is by audition but there is an understanding that students accepted on to this four year course will be able to excel in one of the disciplines sufficiently to persuade the panel that they have the potential to develop as a competent performer.

The object of the first year is to enable you to strengthen your skills effectively and so be able to manage the demands, emotionally and practically of the study required in the final three years.

The course will run within the traditional academic year and from 9:00 - 6:00 each day and will contain:

Music - individual vocal tuition, group ensemble, theory of music, acting through song, vocal styles - pop to 'legit';

Acting - improvisation, monologue and audition material, character work, acting for the recording industry, text work, spoken voice class and verse speaking

Dance - social dance, actor movement, physical theatre, jazz and tap

This will also include work on fitness training, keeping well, mental preparation, personal preparation for the future and new writing in musical theatre.

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