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Interior Design is the study and design of interior spaces in a range of public and private environments. At Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) we research, investigate and develop ideas for a range of different scales of building size, intervention and time frames. It is about creating environments that impact positively on people's day to day experiences and interactions. The focus of our teaching and learning is our studio, which we call the Interior Lab, because for us our studio space is a laboratory of design where ideas are developed and grown, and shared and evolved. This allows us to replicate elements of a professional design office environment, and encourages students to work as a team. You will develop your skills through innovative projects that enable you to explore the design potential of contemporary interventions into existing buildings that bring new life and functions to old structures. Most of our projects are based in Edinburgh using real buildings and situations as the generators of the brief. Often we work on live projects with real clients. We encourage students to be creative, inventive and questioning of design. In all projects we encourage solutions that are beyond the ordinary or obvious. It is very important to us that all students also gain a good technical understanding of interior design to prepare you for work in industry following graduation. Integrated with the practical studio work, Design & Screen Cultures courses provide a contextual and theoretical understanding of the holistic nature of contemporary design. We aim to develop cross-disciplinary methods and approaches to people and culture that equip you to design excellence into people's lives. This is about both designing artefacts and understanding the world around us. Our design vision and ideas lie within a global framework of design and how people wish to live their lives. We encourage you to articulate innovative and sustainable creative visions and identities. We educate problem-solvers and opportunity-seekers. Our graduates will become designers, thinkers and makers who will positively shape the world.

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