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Environmental Geoscience

The University of Edinburgh
4 years
Bachelor's degree
On campus
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Program description

Environmental geoscience is the study of processes within, and interactions between, the atmosphere, ocean and the solid Earth that determine the habitability of the planet. The subject covers natural processes that have been modifying the planet over its entire history, but with a strong focus on understanding the modern system and how it has been affected by human activities.
Environmental geoscience students develop key observational and analytical skills that enable them to address fundamental questions about the functioning of the Earth system such as: What were the drivers of climate change in the Earth's past and how will these processes change in the future? What are the impacts of changing nutrient cycling and pollution on the sustainability of marine ecosystems? How can we safely manage the use of energy and materials resources to ensure the continued functioning of modern society?
You will develop key analytical and observational skills and cover core topics in modern earth science. A strong emphasis is placed on field skills, with residential trips to the Lake District, Jamaica, and north-west Scotland, as well as numerous one-day trips throughout (the location of field courses may change as our course content adapts to changing teaching needs, and student feedback).
You will also gain a range of transferable skills, including: written and oral reports; critical analysis and interpretation of data; group working and, as the programme progresses, the ability to manage project work, and research, independently.

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