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Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) Mid-Year Entry

University of Adelaide
3 years
Full time/part time
Bachelor's degree
Enquire with the school for start dates

Program description

Go below the surface   

Marine biology is the study of our planet’s largest and most diverse ecosystem—the sea.  

Marine biologists observe, preserve and discover ocean life, from tiny shelled creatures and thriving underwater forests to flashing squids and roving sharks.

What will you do?

Our Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) emphasises expertise in the lab and experiential learning out in the elements. You’ll learn from nationally and internationally acclaimed researchers as you:

  • build core knowledge in biology, statistics and communication
  • explore ecological and evolutionary science
  • dive into marine biology, coastal management and specialised research methods
  • gain extensive field experience
  • access equipment used in pioneering research around the world.

This degree prepares you for work on temperate seas—from sub-polar to sub-tropical. This is because there’s a high demand for graduates skilled in temperate marine biology.

Where could it take you?

You could explore future life in a high-CO2world, dive on underwater volcanoes or lead oceanic ecotours. You might study the effects of climate change on our reefs or research the impact of microplastics in fish. Perhaps you’ll make documentaries to educate the wider public or discover totally new marine species.


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