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Awarded by: National University of Ireland

Predominantly a research degree, however students will also undertake formal training in research, take language courses (Latin or Greek) at an appropriate level, and attend seminars. The School of Classics hosts regular lectures by visiting scholars both from Ireland and other countries, in particular at the Dublin Classics Seminar. There are also seminars at which postgraduates present and discuss papers on their own work; students have the opportunity to gain teaching experience and earn money by giving tutorials to undergraduate students, usually in the successful Greek and Roman Civilization course. There are also opportunities for suitably qualified postgraduates to help with the teaching of Latin and Greek.

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University College Dublin - UCD

UCD traces its origins to the Catholic University of Ireland founded in 1854 by Cardinal John Henry Newman, author of the celebrated 'The Idea of a University'. Since its start, the University College Dublin has played a central role in...

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