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BioNanoInteractions (Research)

University College Dublin - UCD
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Program description

Awarded by: National University of Ireland

Ecotoxicity research at the Centre for BioNano Interactions (CBNI) focuses on providing basic acute and chronic ecotoxicity data in accordance with the Organisation for Economic and Co-operation Development (OECD) test guidelines, and comparing these with time-and space-resolved uptake and localisation data, obtained according to the methods described in the visualisation research strand. We are also particularly interested in the extension of the protein corona paradigm to incorporate nanoparticle interactions with natural organic matter (NOM) in aquatic systems. Species being assessed include daphnia magna, xenopus and zebra fish. The long-term goals of the research are to develop a set of assays to quantify the interaction of nanoparticles with aquatic species, that can be used for regulatory purposes.

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University College Dublin - UCD

UCD traces its origins to the Catholic University of Ireland founded in 1854 by Cardinal John Henry Newman, author of the celebrated 'The Idea of a University'. Since its start, the University College Dublin has played a central role in...

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