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Trinity Western University

True education changes the way you think and influences the way you live. From interdisciplinary academics to a diverse faith community, Trinity Western University allows you to question, connect and grow. At Trinity Western University, academics meets faith in a unique way. Here you will encounter a university with a deep commitment to rigorous liberal arts education. You will also find a university strongly committed to its identity as a faith-based institution, one that strives to be centered in the example of Christ. The result is an institution that emphasizes excellence in academic scholarship and pursuits, while always keeping in mind the ways in which the knowledge and understanding we gain through study can serve the world's deepest needs. The university was also awarded some of the highest grades in the country in faculty interaction, quality of teaching, class size, overall atmosphere and student satisfaction.

Diverse perspectives, programs, and schools provide a broad educational environment at TWU, while an exceptional liberal arts education gives students a holistic background for any field of study. The university’s unique educational experience combines one-on-one interaction and small class sizes with academic excellence, leading scholarship, and ground-breaking research. Professors are actively shaping their fields, often with the help of student researchers. Students receive a high level of student-faculty interaction and mentorship. The university’s professors are deeply committed to their faith, bringing a personal approach to education. Students at Trinity Western University actively shape the world around them. The dynamic student community takes advantage of numerous leadership opportunities, internships, travel studies, and volunteer outreach programs. The university’s campus is situated in Langley, BC, and combines a balance of urban convenience and rural beauty. 


Bachelor's degree
Art & Design Delivery method Length Location
Art and Design On campus Langley
Performing Arts
Music On campus Langley
Theatre On campus Langley
Business Administration
Business Administration - Accounting (B.B.A.) On campus Langley
Computer Science & IT
Computing Science On campus Langley
Game Design & Development
Game Development On campus Langley
Health & Well-Being
Nursing On campus Langley
Sports Science
Human Kinetics (B.H.K.) On campus Langley
Kinesiology On campus Langley
Humanities & Culture
General Studies (B.A.) On campus Langley
Humanities & Culture On campus Langley
Inter-Cultural Studies On campus Langley
History On campus Langley
International Studies
European Studies On campus Langley
International Studies On campus Langley
Linguistics On campus Langley
Philosophy On campus Langley
Political Science
Political Studies On campus Langley
Psychology On campus Langley
Religion & Theology
Biblical Studies On campus Langley
Christianity and Culture On campus Langley
Religious Studies On campus Langley
World Languages and Cultures On campus Langley
English On campus Langley
Media & Communications
Media and Communication On campus Langley
General Studies (B.Sc.) On campus Langley
Biology On campus Langley
Biotechnology On campus Langley
Biotechnology and Business On campus Langley
Biotechnology and Chemistry On campus Langley
Chemistry On campus Langley
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies (B.A.) On campus Langley
Environmental Studies (B.Sc.) On campus Langley
Geography On campus Langley
Mathematics On campus Langley
Mathematics with Computing Science On campus Langley
Master's degree
International Business
International Business Administration On campus Langley
Leadership Online / Distance Langley
Humanities & Culture
Interdisciplinary Humanities On campus Langley
Applied Linguistics and Exegesis On campus Langley

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