Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Europe’s top universities. Ever since its founding in 1868, the university has been at the forefront of innovation. It is committed to excellence in research and teaching, interdisciplinary education and the active promotion of promising young scientists. The university also forges strong links with companies and scientific institutions across the world. TUM was one of the first universities in Germany to be named a University of Excellence. Moreover, TUM regularly ranks among the best European universities in international rankings.

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) combines top-class facilities for cutting-edge research with unique learning opportunities for students. It is committed to finding solutions to the major challenges facing society as we move forward in Health & Nutrition, Energy & Natural Resources, Environment & Climate, Information & Communications, Mobility & Infrastructure. The university thinks and acts with an entrepreneurial spirit. Its aim: to create lasting value for society. All this combines to make it one of Europe’s leading universities.


Bachelor's degree
Architecture Delivery method Length Location
Architecture On campus Munich
Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning On campus Munich
Media Design
Informatics: Games Engineering On campus Garching
Adult Education
Vocational Education Agriculture (Teaching at Vocational Schools) On campus Freising
Vocational Education Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Teaching at Vocational Schools) On campus Freising
Vocational Education Health and Health Care Science (Teaching at Vocational Schools) On campus Munich
Vocational Education Metal Engineering (Teaching at Vocational Schools) On campus Munich
Vocational Education Nutrition and Home Economics (Teaching at Vocational Schools) On campus Garching
Vocational Education Structural Engineering (Teaching at Vocational Schools) On campus Freising
Teaching at Academic Secondary Schools - Scientific Education On campus Munich
Engineering Science On campus Garching
Biomedical Engineering
Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering On campus Freising
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering On campus Garching
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering On campus Munich
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology On campus Munich
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering On campus Munich
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering On campus Garching
Food & Beverage Studies
Food Science
Brewing and Beverage Technology On campus Freising
Food Chemistry On campus Freising
Food Technology On campus Freising
Health Sciences
Health Sciences On campus Munich
Life Sciences Nutrition On campus Freising
Management and Technology (Main Location: Heilbronn) On campus Heilbronn
Management and Technology (TUM-BWL) On campus Munich
Natural Sciences
Bioeconomics On campus Straubing
Biochemistry On campus Garching
Biogenic Materials On campus Straubing
Bioinformatics On campus Munich
Molecular Biotechnology On campus Freising
Energy Studies
Renewable Resources On campus Straubing
Life Sciences
Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences On campus Freising
Forest Science and Resource Management On campus Freising
Life Sciences Biology On campus Freising
Physical Sciences
Chemical Biotechnology On campus Straubing
Chemistry On campus Garching
Earth Science
Geodesy and Geoinformation On campus Munich
Geographic Science
Geosciences On campus Munich
Mathematics On campus Garching
Physics On campus Garching
Social Sciences
Political Science
Political Science On campus Munich

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Student lifestyle

There is more to life at TUM than lectures and exams. Our students find a variety of ways to immerse themselves in campus life. They organize festivals. They get involved in student bodies. They join music clubs or set up creative research projects. TUM actively encourages these character-building activities.

Sporting program

The largest sporting program at a German university - at the sites of the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Music and art

Music and art at a technical university really do exist! They are part of our everyday life at TUM.

Festivals: TUNIX, GARNIX und Co.

Each summer semester, over 150 volunteers spring into action for two major festivals: TUNIX at Munich’s Königsplatz and GARNIX at the Garching campus. The atmosphere is buzzing, young bands get a chance to perform, ice-cold beer is on top and the barbecues are sizzling. StuStaCulumis another legendary summer event. It takes place at the Studentenstadt – Germany’s largest halls of residence.

Legendary uni film club

Most weeks during term, the film club TU Filmscreens a new movie – showing everything from blockbusters through low-budget masterpieces to all-time classics. The historic Carl-von-Linde lecture theater is the venue. True to tradition, the club shows Die Feuerzangenbowle (The Punch Bowl) every year just before Christmas. This school-set German film from the 1940s has become a cult favorite with students.


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