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Bachelor's Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture

Nebrija University
Program overview
5 years
Bachelor's degree
Scholarships available
Start dates
September 2021

September 2021

September 2022

September 2022

Program description

Bachelor's Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture

The degree specializes in the aspects of urban design and spatial planning through its curriculums, its professors, as well as the architectural studies in whicah our students carry out their internships.

The Undergraduate Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture of Nebrija University allows the architect trained at our School to become a qualified professional to carry out his/her activity both in Spain and in an international context.

Admission requirements

For the purposes of pre-admission and admission, the evaluation of the candidate will be carried out taking into account the following criteria and percentages:

Academic record / certificate of the student's path of origin: 60%

Multiple choice psychotechnical test: 15%.

  • This test consists of an evaluation test of competencies / skills related to: skills in intellectual work, attitudes towards cooperation and teamwork, time and resource management.

English level test: 5%.

  • In order to know the real level of knowledge of the English language by the students, the Department of Modern Languages will manage a level test at the beginning of the studies. Based on the results of this test, students will simultaneously take the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture depending on the position that each student has, the "Diploma in Modern Languages (English)". The subjects that are part of this Diploma are extracurricular, but certification of level C1 is guaranteed for graduated students.
  • The English level tests is a written exam with multiple choice questions, oral and written comprehension, and use of the language. It lasts 60 minutes and the student must demonstrate knowledge of the English language at least level A2 (CEFR). They are face-to-face and are held in computer rooms on each campus.

Specific test of knowledge about the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture.

  • It is carried out multiple-choice and consists mainly of specific contents of some of the main areas of general knowledge that are going to be studied in the degree chosen by the candidate, in addition to other elements common to all degrees. This test will weigh 15% of the total.

Personal interview

  • Only those candidates that the Admissions Committee deems appropriate will be summoned. The interview will last between 20 minutes and half an hour and it will assess the communication skills shown by the candidate. The academic aspects will be jointly analyzed between the candidate and the interviewer and possible strengths and weaknesses related to the student's abilities will be detected. The interview with the student will account for 5% of the total evaluation. 70% of this section will be attributed to the academic record and 30% to the assessment of the academic conducting the interview.

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Program content

First Year

First semester

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Architectural Expression I
  • Digital Ideation I
  • Geometry

Second semester

  • Mathematics II
  • Static and Structural Analysis
  • Architectural Expression II
  • Digital Ideation II
  • Form Analysis
  • Development of professional skills

Secound Year

First semester

  • Sociology and urban geography
  • Materials and Construction Techniques I
  • Architectural projects I
  • Art History Blended
  • Experimental workshop I

Second semester

  • Structural systems
  • Materials and Construction Techniques II
  • Architectural projects II
  • History of architecture
  • Building Facilities

Third Year

First semester

  • Structures I
  • Construction systems I
  • Architectural projects III
  • Building Facilities II
  • Architectural Thought and Criticism I

Second semester

  • Structures II
  • Construction Systems II
  • Experimental Workshop II
  • Architectural projects IV
  • Urban and Territorial Studies I

Fourth Year

First semester

  • Structures III
  • Construction Systems III
  • Reconditioning and Energy
  • Architectural projects V
  • Architectural Thought and Criticism II
  • Urban and Territorial Studies II

Second semester

  • Development of professional skills II
  • Structural Projects
  • Experimental Workshop III
  • Architectural projects VI
  • Urban Studies III

Fifth Year

First semester

  • Architectural Thought and Criticism III
  • Urban and Territorial Studies IV
  • Architectural projects VII
  • Deontology, Legislation and Evaluation
  • Advanced Building Systems

Second semester

  • Evaluation of Skill Development in the Company (elective)
  • Seminar: Construction management (elective)
  • End of Degree Project

Scholarships & funding

Several scholarship options are available. Please visit the school's website for more information.

Tuition fees

Cost of tuition: € 12,850 per year


Credits: 300 ECTS

Program Outcomes

  • Know the history and theories of architecture, as well as the arts, technologies and human sciences related to it.
  • Know the role of fine arts as a factor that can influence the quality of architectural design.
  • Know the urbanism and techniques applied in the planning process.
  • Understand the problems of structural design, construction and engineering related to building projects as well as the resolution techniques for them.
  • Know the physical problems, the different technologies and the function of the buildings in such a way as to equip them with internal conditions of comfort and protection of the climatic factors.
  • Know the industries, organizations, regulations and procedures to turn projects into buildings and to integrate plans into planning.
  • Understand the relationships between people and buildings and between buildings and their surroundings, as well as the need to relate the buildings and spaces between them depending on the needs and on the human scale.

Career opportunities

Upon finishing the Degree in Architecture, students can carry out their professional work as a designer, consultant on structures, installations and projects, construction manager, expert, urbanist, examiner and appraiser, teacher and researcher, designer, real estate developer, restoration and rehabilitation of buildings of historical heritage, graphic and furniture designer, graphics programmer, municipal architect, estate, health and safety architects, technician of offices of technical consultancies and laboratories.

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Nebrija University

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Nebrija University

C. de Sta. Cruz de Marcenado, 27
28015 Madrid

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