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fashion studentbachelor studentJD Institute of Fashion Technology

JD Institute founded in 1988, has established a reputation as one of the leading institutions in unleashing the opportunity for brilliant levels of talent to shine.

We as acknowledged Fashion, Styling and creative educators in India, believe in transcending boundaries of traditional education by employing new platforms and methodologies, to remodel learning into action that fosters a fair-minded and sustainable future.

Our approach to learning attracts talent and aspirants who wish to stand out, make a name and shape the future of Fashion, Interiors, Lifestyle, Fashion business, Photography, beauty and makeup finesse, those people are people like YOU. We have also extended our students the strength, training and confidence to embrace their being, technique and dexterity, to take ownership of their professional careers, in the evolving workplaces and this dynamic realm.

Together these complementary ideas and teachings make JD an aerodrome for successful education and a creative future. From your first day through your final assessment, we foster an environment for you to master your chosen craft, so that you graduate to solicit and claim the transformative capacity of a design. Not just that, we see to it that you sharpen your practice and your understanding of the social and environmental impact of your actions.

We don’t believe in a ‘One size fits all’ approach to education. We honor the fact that everyone is unique with a unique skill set and strive at nurturing and strengthening those through personalised training. We want you to take advantage of our global connections as we organise alumni panels and guest lectureships on campus, with industry experts, to share their experience and contacts. In justice to our dedicated focus on careers and employability, we facilitate for you to collaborate with social innovators, journalists, sustainability and industry experts etc, to elevate your insights and capabilities. We believe as mankind with time keeps evolving, artists and designers who can pivot to create opportunities always have an advantage.

In order to develop and deliver an education that is responsive, imaginative and inspirational, we work in partnership along with you all, to ensure you can reach your full potential. With simultaneously expanding use of work-based and research informed learning we ensure our students are thoroughly equipped for their future prospects.


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