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Haute Future Fashion Academy

Haute Future Fashion Academy is an innovative reality high-level training in the field of High End Luxury Fashion, Haute Couture and Design Concept.

It was founded in 2010 with the aim of forming a new generation of Creative Directors and Strategic Manager and provide a concrete answer to the question of figures professional increasingly diversified and specialized.

Through an avant-garde approach, HFFA intends to redesign the training in an international vision and projected into the future, aimed at recovery of craftsmanship and greater promotion of Made in Italy.

anual craft skills, combined with a search for expressive and artistic qualities, have returned to prominence thanks to a renewed interest in the practical aspects of “creating fashion”. This is why it is so important to provide students with the cultural tools and design skills that will prepare them for the world of work and enable them to make a successful impact at the highest levels of the Fashion System.

An integral part of the HFFA teaching method consists of professional skills workshops, run on company-style lines, which enable the students to get hands-on experience of the requirements, rhythms and attitudes of the working environment.

All our courses are designed on the basis of the practical needs and specific requirements of companies in the sector, with which we are in constant contact. The Teaching staff include experts with excellent academic and professional backgrounds who have established themselves in the Fashion and Luxury sector. This provides our students with the chance of working in direct contact both with professionals as well as with leading organisations and companies in the Fashion sector.

This complete, innovative course has high academic standards as well as firmly established relations with leading institutions and companies in the Fashion System. This makes HFFA a centre of excellence for students and a reference point for businesses that choose to invest and innovate in this strategic sector.



The HFFA Campus is situated in the historic centre of Milan and occupies a strategic position, full of style offices and boutiques, just a stone’s throw away from the Duomo and via Montenapoleone.

The structure is a true paradise in the centre of Milan;  the premises are designed to offer students the highest levels of comfort. Open from 08.30 to 21.30, the Academy also offers fantastic opportunities to socialise, thanks to large study areas, accessible to students and professionals in the Fashion and Design sector.


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