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Fundesem Business School - A business school that believes in people

The Fundesem Business School has more than forty years experience of educating future managers and professionals. The school offers a wide variety of quality business programs, successfully training thousands of successful students.

The Foundation is comprised of more than two hundred businesses, meaning course are run with the needs of businesses strongly in mind. Courses are oriented toward the improvement of business management and the formation of ethical values towards social responsibility of businesses and organizations.

There are five critical reasons for choosing Fundesem:

1.- A school formed by business people, for business people
2.- A practical methodology
3.- Professors with management experience
4.- Value added from a varied group of school services
5.- An open, stimulating and multicultural enviroment

The Fundesem Business School invests a lot of energy in making students aware of the challenges facing companies in the constantly-changing competitive environment of the global market. In order to address these business challenges, the school offers international students the opportunity to acquire a multinational business culture and at the same time improve their Spanish.

Course at the Fundesem Business School not only provide students with knowledge, but also with practical “know-how” which allows students and their companies to face present and future business challenges with confidence and conviction.


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Life and Education for most is hard work, as such people live their whole life thinking hard. But in Fundesem I have realised life is all about thinking smart, for money is as good as a smart idea. Now entreprises pay for ideas not hard work, as machines can do all the hard work. One thing I will always admire in Fundesem, is the way the comm...
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Es una Escuela de Negocios recomendable, ya que todo gira alrededor de los alumnos y la formación que imparten es muy práctica y actual, con una metodología muy dinámica
Out of many options that I had to study business out of my home country, I found myself choosing Fundesem...Why did I choose so? Well, it seemed to me to be another form of studying, a competitive environment, with great networking opportunities and well-prepared teaching staff. As an international student, who applied online, I did have some do...
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