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FaithWay Baptist College of Canada

FaithWay Baptist College of Canada is an inseparable part of the FaithWay Baptist Church ministry. The institution operates as a Baptist Bible college, chartered under the laws of the province of Ontario to grant religious certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

The college exists to provide post-secondary training for pastors, teachers in Christian schools, missionaries, church workers, and music ministers. The college purposes to develop the devotional and spiritual life of the student, to encourage each student to develop a mastery of the content of the Bible, and to help the student to develop Christian character. 

All local students enrolled will be expected to attend the services and serve in their own home churches. A “home church” shall be interpreted to mean “that independent Baptist church where membership was held by the student immediately prior to his enrollment at the college.” All students from distances too great to be involved in their home churches will attend FaithWay Baptist Church. Other than for approved church extension work, students will attend FaithWay Baptist Church. FaithWay Baptist Church was founded by Dr. Robert D. Kirkland in December of 1974. The church is a fundamental, independent Baptist church.



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