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Bachelor Mathematics

ETH Zurich
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Bachelor Mathematics

The Basis of Exact Science

Mathematics is the language in which our era’s technical and scientific knowledge is formulated. It is also an indispensable tool in computer science, insurance and the economy. However, its actual core is pure mathematics: the intensive study of abstract structures and geometrical objects, and the discovery and description of the laws that govern them.

The study of mathematics at ETH Zurich differs from degree courses at other institutions of higher education because it dovetails closely with physics. The first year of study is nearly identical in the Mathematics and Physics degree programs and, after the first year, it is possible to switch in either direction.

The first two years of the Bachelor’s degree program cover the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and computer science and advanced knowledge in various mathematical disciplines. From the third year, there are no longer any compulsory courses. Instead, students can choose from a wide range of core subjects, electives and seminars.

Career opportunities

Educational objective and career profile

The principal aim of a degree in Mathematics is a broad education in the fundamentals of mathematics that allows graduates to independently acquire further knowledge for their future professional work.

Mathematicians work in many different fields. They conduct research and teach at universities, universities of applied sciences and secondary schools. They work for insurance companies and, increasingly, in banks, industry, software development, planning and business optimization, or as statisticians in the public sector.

A distinct talent for abstract thought is always essential for studying and working with mathematics.

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