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Study at Estonian Business School

Compared to business graduates of other universities, your salary is averagely twice as high if you attend Estonian Business School. The reasons for this is the high quality, practical skills and international scope of EBS education. This is education which is greatly valued by business leaders in Estonia as well as all over the world. 

Estonian Business School educations widens your horizon and in addition to knowledge you will also gain practical skills. This is a guarantee that you might find a good job already during your first study year. EBS is a university that will also provide you international experience. Thus you can decide early on whether you would like to make an international career or work for a top company in Estonia. Your schoolmates and professors are of different nationalities. As an exchange student you may study in any country of the European Union or on any continent of the world.  

You may study in either Estonian, English or Russian. All EBS graduates speak freely at least one foreign language and know all that is necessary about economics and law. This serves as a basis for succeeding on the labour market. EBS curricula has been designed in a way that upon graduation you will become a valuable employee with practical skills. Most of the graduates work successfully in international or local enterprises, including banks, real estate agencies, manufacturing, service and construction companies.

In Estonian Business School you will have a personal study consultant who, among many other things, is of great help while planning your study programme. The study consultant acts as a bridge between you and the university. EBS offers personalised service, high-quality education and is located in the prestigeous city centre.


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