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About this program

Bachelor in Audiovisual Design

story teller?

If your phone is saturated with videos, going to the movies or watching tv

series is the best plan in the world for you and you are fascinated by the audiovisual shows, there is no doubt: you were made for Audiovisual Design.

By studying the Bachelor in Audiovisual Design at ESDi, you will be able to express your creativity through your own language, design interactive videos and create innovative visual effects. We introduce our students to the ins and outs of the sound, design, video, animation, programming, image and 3D. Audiovisual Design rises a versatile professional profile, and enhances the creativity applied to the new technologies of animation and image by implementing virtual reality, synthetic, holographic and AR experiences.

Admission requirements

Applicants for the undergraduate degree courses have to apply via the online application
form on our website.

It’s important to keep in mind that the admissions for each degree are limited and are covered on a first come first serve basis, which is why some groups might be closed several months before the beginning of the academic year.

Once you have officially reserved your spot, you will be able to enroll in the established periods (July: for the ordinary call or September for the extraordinary call).

Admission process steps:

  1. Request information through our website.
  2. Formalize the access test (online and free of charge). Depending on the result and if necessary, an interview with an academic leader will be arranged.
  3. For the Degree in English, you must present an official diploma of Spanish that certifies a minimum level of B2.
  4. You will receive the letter of acceptance to the requested program from your advisor.
  5. Make the reservation payment to save your spot.
  6. Start the enrollment process.

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Program content

The first two years, common to all the Design Degree itineraries, are centered on basic knowledge subjects, such as photography, technical drawing, and computing. In addition to this, the students are introduced to theory, art history, and professional ethics. From the third course onwards, the Audiovisual Design student will be trained in the audiovisual narrative, image and sound treatment, animation, and design and programming of interactive systems.

1st Year

  • Art Theory and History I
  • Design Theory and History I
  • Sociology
  • Representational Drawing
  • Technical Drawing I
  • Project Basis
  • Computing I
  • Photography I
  • Form Theory and Workshop
  • Introduction to Projects

2nd Year

  • Art Theory and History II
  • Design Theory and History II
  • Communication
  • Literature and Communication
  • Business I: Organization and Processes
  • Projects I
  • Comprehensive Projects I
  • Profession Ethics
  • Materials and Technology I
  • Computing II

3rd Year

  • Projects II
  • Comprehensive Projects II
  • Design Issues
  • Business II: Organization and Processes
  • Materials and Technology II
  • Elective Subjects:
    • Digital Sound Treatment I
    • Narrative, Scripts and Audiovisual Models Analysis
    • Programming and Authoring Systems I
    • Computerised Animation I
    • Digital Image Treatment
    • Graphic Design for TV
    • Departmental intensification

4th Year

  • Internships
  • Final Degree Project
  • Elective Subjects:
    • Audiovisual Creation
    • Programming and Authoring Systems I
    • Projects III
    • Audiovisual Installations
    • Departmental Intensification
    • Elective Workshops and Seminars
    • Fundamentals of Digital Culture
    • Smart Objects & Digital Fabrication
    • Smart Design
    • 3D Animation and Holography
    • Digital Creation
    • Dynamic Data Programming
    • Internet of Things
    • Smart Projects
    • E-Commerce

Scholarships & funding

The Foundation of Textile Design (FUNDIT) is a foundation that fosters design education and research. ESDi’s future will be shaped by the core values of FUNDIT: curricular innovation, pioneer use of curricular experimentation, a visionary’s view and the collaboration between design and technology. The foundation provides financial support and various grants (scholarships and awards).

Successful applicants are adjudicated in compliance with the requirements. There is a limited number of scholarships which are subject to availability. The University reserves the right to withdraw, amend, discount or discontinue any scholarship. Even if an applicant meets scholarship criteria, a scholarship may not be awarded. Applicants will be assessed according to the assessment criteria set out for each program and scholarship category. The decisions made by the University are final and there are no provisions or appeal processes.


ESDi encourages academic excellence in future designers. ESDi´s Academic Merit Scholarship recognizes outstanding potential and academic achievement which will ensure success in the bachelor studies. Students must maintain good grades during their jouney at ESDi, if the undergraduate student provides evidence of the scholar’s satisfactory performance and progress, the grant may be renewed for a second, third, and fourth year.

Economic Discount

The grant consists on an 80% of discount on the total course.


ESDi encourages excellence in academic performance by future designers. ESDi´s Creativity scholarship recognizess the next generation of designers and motivates the future careers of those who create. The Creative Scholarships provides an economic discount on the total course to young people who are pursuing studies on a creative field and using creativity as a force for positive social impact. Candidates must
also display personal and academic excellence.

Economic Discount
The grant will consist off15% discount on the total course.



ESDi encourages excellence in academic performance by future designers.Receiving financial support could help our students to achieve their dreams. The Financial Support Scholarship offers financial aid to aspiring, talented future designers in exchange for their participation on a project at ESDi.

Economic Discount
The grant will consist of 20% discount on the total course.


  • o Admissions Scholarship:
  • o Foreign National Passport
  • o ESDi acceptance letter.
  • o Valid General Certificate of Education / High School Diploma / International Baccalaureate Diploma.
  • o High school transcript.
  • o Have achieved of a minimum of A level / 90 percent overall.
  • o A Portfolio.
  • o Statement of remuneration paid of the student’s parents (Submitting a document of your parents’ income and financial assets).
  • o A certificate in proof of regular income received from abroad (A statement from the student’s parents that they will send money on a monthly basis)
  • o High school transcript.
  • o A statement from the credit institution to certify the availability of funds (an amount in a foreign bank account of which it has been established that the balance is available to the student during the course of his studies).

How to apply
Email us with the following:

Your first, last name and name of the scholarship in the subject line.

Letter of introduction describing your history, why you are seeking an official undergraduate degree in design and why you feel you would be a good candidate for this scholarship award.

(Attach the required documents).


Tuition fees: €9.080 per academic year


  • At ESDi you will learn to:

    • Direct audiovisual projects
    • Communicate with images
    • Record and edit sound
    • Mapping techniques
    • Virtual and augmented reality
    • Perform and show productions
    • Develop transmedia content
    • Knowledge of lighting and assembly.
    • Aesthetic and narrative tools

    Our students, through ESDi, have collaborated with companies such as Mango, IKEA, Caixa Bank, Adidas, HP, Samsonite, Rosa Clará and more.

Career paths

Career path:

  • Video-creation Design
  • Video production & TV (video clips, microclips & spots)
  • Special effects for movies and TV.
  • Electronic art and creation.
  • Interactive installations
  • Creation of special effects and synthetic image.
  • Creation of characters and virtual environments to be treated in later animation processes.
  • Web and multimedia design.
  • Audiovisual creation of films and series.
  • Audiovisual production and postproduction.
  • Collaboration in creative and art departments in advertising agencies and production companies.

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