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Interior Design

Bradford College
3 years
Bachelor's degree
On campus
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Program description

Awarded by: University of Bolton

If you are enthusiastic, committed and creative with a passion for design, this innovative and exciting course if for you. The opportunities possible from embarking on a career in Interior Design are as dynamic, varied and amazing as the diversity of human need. The course specialises in an extremely creative approach to design, this coupled with the thorough exploration of design methodologies and links with the industry makes it directly relevant to the changing needs of employers and the design industry. Designed to enable our graduates to be well placed to launch a career as a designer, this is a creatively demanding course. Interior Design provides high quality creative learning at the same time as providing access to a traditional Art School environment. During your time studying on the course you will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills as well as gaining a deep understanding of Interior Design. The course has been specifically designed to develop expertise in design and creativity. It focuses on developing independent and creative thinking. . The programme of study is designed to be intellectually and creatively challenging and prepares you for the interdisciplinary nature of the design industry. You will investigate thought provoking themes and explore the impact of environmental issues and sustainability. We are passionate about encouraging individuality and supporting students through a holistic approach to study. We encourage students to foster creative, critical and reflective methods of thinking and understanding, and to evaluate the different contexts in which designs and artefacts are produced. The course content will be delivered through a combination of tutorials, practical demonstrations and lectures, as well as visits to museums, galleries and other relevant sources. The course will culminate in your final task of a major project and an accompanying dissertation. This degree is employment orientated and therefore often leads directly to work in the Design industry. Alternatively, you could pursue a Masters Degree in a related subject or undertake PCET/PGCE teacher training.

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