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Studying Abroad in Spain: Stephanie

Studying Abroad in Spain"This was a way for me to test my abilities to take initiatives, such as meeting new people and trying new things."

- Stephanie from Sweden

Why did you decide to study abroad in Spain?

I wanted to experience living abroad for a longer period of time. Previously I’ve traveled a lot but never stayed longer in the same city for more than a week. This was a way for me to test my abilities to take initiatives, such as meeting new people and trying new things. I choose Spain because I wanted to go someplace warmer and with a different and vibrant culture.

What were the best parts of being an international student in Barcelona?

The biggest pro of being a student in a new city is that you have time to explore it! I only had classes four hours a day, which allowed me to do a lot of other fun stuff. Another cool part was that nobody knew me from Adam, something that allowed me to be somewhat different from the person I might usually be. All of this allowed me to meet some truly amazing people. 

How has studying abroad impacted your career?

I believe that it has made me more employable but since I am applying for jobs now it hasn’t impacted my current career just yet. 

What was the student life like in Barcelona?

The student life was good. It took a while to adjust to the new way of life in Spain, with siestas and such but, all and all, great. Food, drinks, events, everything is very cheap in Barcelona. Also, Barcelona offers so much in terms of culture and places to visit. As a student, I had a lot of free time to explore most of it, which was very nice.

Do you have any tips for international students to get involved in Barcelona university student life?

I met a lot of people that were involved with Erasmus events and trips, and they loved it. Most of my friends were not Erasmus students, therefore I didn’t joint them so often, but I think the Erasmus organization is a great start if you are new to a city. 

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Last update: 11 May 2017

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