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Global Ambassador Ade: Higher Education is Just Around the Corner

Higher Education: Just Around the Corner

Count one, two, three steps and you’re on your way to living your dream!

Step One

Most of the time we are confused: should we enroll in a master’s degree program or an MBA? In some cases, people do not really understand the difference between the two. A master’s program is the higher education program that follows after an undergraduate program.

Master’s programs have a lot of majors, one of the specializations is an MBA, Master of Business Administration. The program itself focuses on more comprehensive professional skills in general management and it requires certain years of work experience.

Step Two

A major difference between an MBA and other master’s programs is the process of selection. In general, the university or business school will ask you to provide an additional GMAT / GRE score, but several of them have their own test. All you have to do is just ask the admissions team if they have their own selection test.

At Maastricht School of Management, they have their own leveling course to replace the GMAT / GRE score. The leveling course is basically used to make sure all students are on the same page of understanding.

The course is very comprehensive; students will learn accounting, business and finance,  macroeconomics, and statistics. MSM will give you the link to complete the leveling course after you pass both the administration selection and interview selection.

Step Three

This is all you have to prepare to complete the admission process at MSM :

  1.    Transcript score (both original & translated by a sworn translator)
  2.    Bachelor’s degree certificate  (both original & translated by a sworn translator)
  3.    Motivational letter
  4.    Two recommendation letters
  5.    IELTS / TOEFL score
  6.    GMAT / GRE score / leveling course offered by MSM

Types of Programs

MSM not only has an MBA program but also other programs such as an MM program and many more. For further information, check out MSM’s page and get in touch to learn more. Considering I am an MBA student, I will only be focusing this article on the MBA program. This is the program that MSM offers for  its students:

Full-Time MBA

This is a full-time, one year program where you will face a marathon run once classes have begun. Classes start at 09.00 and run until 16.30 on most week days. Group assignments and individual assignments will become your best friends.

However, do not be worried! MSM always has their own way of relaxing their students such as a movie night, International Dinner, and BBQ time.  Students have the opportunity to visit various companies and learn from a lot of guest lecturers.

As the oldest business school in the Netherlands, MSM understands the varying needs of prospective careers. As such, they offer many specializations such as :

The Digital Economy

Accounting and Finance


International Business and Sustainable Development

Supply Chain Management

Sports Management

Healthcare Management

Public Sector Management

I chose Digital Economy as my specializations at MSM because I know the demand for the digital business industry will continue to grow rapidly.

EMBA (Executive MBA)

The Executive MBA program is a part-time program; the duration of the program is two and a half years and can be adjusted as needed. If you are working and there is no possibility to attend the class for full-time studies, you can always take the EMBA program because the program is designed to balance work and education simultaneously.

Online MBA

The online MBA program is a part-time program, 100% online. The duration of the program is two years. MSM’s online MBA program has been ranked the 4th best online MBA in the world and the best online MBA in the Netherlands by CEO Magazine. The online program is designed to accommodate the student who has limitations for studying abroad.

After graduating from the full-time MBA program, each student will also get a one year permit to stay in the Netherlands to look for a job as a highly skilled migrant.  As MSM has a wide network, they will also help students through career development and mentorship programs.

We are waiting here for you!

Find your program at Maastricht School of Management!

Last update: 14 Mar 2019

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