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Studying Abroad in Spain: Jessica

Canadian student, Jessica, always knew she wanted to study abroad, it was just a matter of knowing when she would actually go for it! Read about Jessica's experience studying her Master's degree in Spain.

Feb 6, 2024
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"Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to really learn about yourself."

- Jessica from Canada

Where are you studying and where are you from originally?

I am originally from Toronto, Canada and I moved to Madrid, Spain in September to pursue my Master's in Project Management.

Why did you want to study abroad, and why did you choose Madrid?

I always knew that I wanted to study abroad, it was just a matter of knowing when I would actually go for it! Finally, after almost two years of full-time work, I realized that I loved my field so much that I wanted to pursue higher education in the same field. I said to myself, "Why not pursue a Master's while having an experience abroad in Madrid?!". I chose Madrid because it is the business capital of Spain. Why Spain? Why not?! They have amazing food, great wine, amazing culture and a beautiful language.

Which university are you studying and why did you choose it?

I am studying at EAE Business School in conjunction with Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. I chose this business school because it is the only school that offers a Master's program in Project Management in Spain. Also, they have great rankings!

What have been some highlights of studying abroad?

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to really learn about yourself, how to be independent and meet people from every single part of the world! It really is amazing studying in Spain specifically because it allows me to travel to across Europe on a cheap budget and learn a new language.

Do you have an embarrassing study abroad story you're willing to share?

My neighbour is from Venezuela and she doesn't speak or understand English. She told me that we should message each other on WhatsApp. I saw her in the hall and I asked her, "recibiste mi masaje?" which means, "did you receive my massage?"... I really meant message (mensaje in Spanish) and she was so confused and laughed! I definitely won't be making that mistake again!

What have you found the hardest about studying abroad?

I think everyone can say the hardest thing about studying abroad is that you miss your friends and family at home. But, I will also mention that at first, I didn't know much Spanish when I got here and that was the hardest barrier I had to overcome... Especially when you need to open a bank account and get a new SIM card with limited Spanish at the time.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about studying abroad?

Do it! Just do it! You'll make friends from across the globe, experience things you wouldn't be able to experience at home and you'll eat your way through the new city you'll be living it! It's a fantastic experience and I am so happy about my decision to be in Spain!

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