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Uppsala is one of the oldest cities as well as the center for higher education in Scandinavia. It is also the fourth largest city in Sweden after Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Today, the city's rapid progress has made it not only the center of higher education in Scandinavia, but also in the world, meaning studying in Uppsala will guarantee you a highly recognized and sought after qualification. The excellence in education has attracted a large number of international students, which had formed various student cultures and traditions that exist exclusively to Uppsala.

Students studying in Uppsala socialize and network in the student nations; there are thirteen nations in Uppsala that represent one or two provinces in Sweden. Nations provide various activities for students to participate in; each having its own cafe, pub, club and dorm. Students can even work in the nations to earn some money and learn valuable life skills outside the classroom. Many nations have almost equally as long a history as the universities. They keep alive some age-old Swedish traditions, such as gasques (traditional Uppsalian student dinners). This unique student association culture is the heart of student life in Uppsala.

Uppsala is a fascinating city to explore. Whether on bike or public transport, it is not a difficult city to navigate. Students studying in Uppsala will love the city's history, nature and modernity all at the same time. Before you even enter the city, you can already see tower of the largest cathedral in the Scandinavia. You can easily find picturesque gardens and forests to walk around, beautiful libraries to study in or bustling downtown to shop and have a nice fika. Uppsala is just an hour train ride away from Stockholm, meaning a day-trip to the capital city is a fun and easy weekend activity.

Uppsala is also the perfect place to celebrate Swedish festivals. Valborg is particularly popular - many from all around Sweden flood to Uppsala just to celebrate this unique event. Boredom is not something a student needs to worry about when studying abroad in Uppsala.

Main attractions in Uppsala

  • Gamla Uppsala is one of the most important burial sites in Sweden; three pre-Viking kings allegedly were buried here. There is museum for both adults and kids to learn more about Viking history.
  • Museum Gustavianum is the biggest and oldest university museum in Scandinavia. Its vast collections range from Nordic to Egyptian exhibitions.
  • Linnaean Garden of Uppsala contains more than 10,000 species of plant life, including plants that originate from different continents, the perfect place for an afternoon stroll.
  • Domkyrka is the tallest and largest cathedral in Sweden. It's magnificent and a must-see in Uppsala!

Education in Uppsala

Uppsala has a world-leading position in education, the quality of their universities is excellent. As the oldest educational center in Scandinavia, a lot of programs are the best within Scandinavia as well. The programs are diverse and suitable for international students wanting to study abroad and there are a large number of scholarship opportunities available.

Uppsala has many research centers that offer opportunities for students who seek to sharpen their knowledge in a specific area or gain useful working experience. Libraries can be found throughout the whole city that ensure an efficient study life. In short, studying abroad in Uppsala will be a pleasant and rewarding experience!


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