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Study Graphic Design Abroad in the UK

Do you think you have great aesthetic taste? Maybe you were meant to study graphic design. Design everything from book covers to product packaging to advertising material. Graphic designers are responsible for adding aesthetic value to the things we interact with every day. Therefore, it requires a disciplined personality who loves to get creative and work on the computer. If that sounds like you, consider studying graphic design abroad in the UK, which is internationally known for its designers.

The UK is also a great place to pursue an education! Emphasizing theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and creative expression, universities in the UK are perfect for getting your start in the field of graphic design. On an average day, graphic design students split their time between lectures and studio time. From a theoretical perspective, learn about the history of graphic design, design principles, and color theory, while from a creative perspective, you will practice sketching, painting, and typography. There’s never a day that passes when you won’t get the chance to express your creativity.

You will also receive practical career experience that will come in handy after graduation. Most graphic design degrees in the UK include either an internship or apprenticeship in which the student can apply the theories and skills they’ve learned in class in a practical, professional way. Students love the experience they can add to their CV and bring to an interview postgraduation. Employers especially love when students have study abroad experience as it demonstrates that an individual is ready for a challenge and has learned real-life creative problem solving and critical thinking skills.

But, part of studying abroad in the UK is also having a good time! Take advantage of the beauty, entertainment, and culture the UK has to offer by touring world famous sights, visiting exciting exhibitions, and trying some of the best cuisine in the world. Participating in group and school activities is also a great way to make new, international friends and professional connections. So, don’t wait, begin looking for the perfect graphic design degree in the UK now!

Study Graphic Design in the UK

Top Study Abroad Destinations to Study Graphic Design in the UK

Although there are great graphic design degree programs all across the UK, there are a few locations that stick out for their popularity amongst graphic design students. If you’re not sure where to start on your search for a graphic design degree in the UK, consider some of the following study abroad destinations:

London – Few cities in the world can compete with the glitz and glam of England’s capital city, London. Although it’s fast-pace and exciting, there is also a cozy, local neighborhood vibe too wherever you go in London. However, graphic design students especially love the thriving artistic community. But, don’t forget to have fun! London offers some of the best entertainment the world has to offer.

Bristol – Rich in maritime history, Bristol is a city in the southwest of England with a population of nearly half a million people. Students love Bristol’s laidback vibe and plethora of entertainment. See architectural feats like the Clifton Bridge or the Bristol Cathedral and explore attractions such as Brunel’s S.S. Great Britain or the Bristol Zoo. Afterwards, hit the town and experience Bristol’s popular culinary scene and thriving nightlife.

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