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Why study fashion management abroad?

If you have a passion for fashion but perhaps do not consider yourself a hands-on designer, a career within fashion management could be the perfect opportunity for you! Studying fashion management will teach you how to combine fashion with your skills as a business professional and manager in order to pursue a rewarding career.

What are the prerequisites for studying fashion management?

In order to be eligible for an undergraduate degree in fashion management, students will generally only require a high school certificate, but some universities may require specific grades or amounts of credits in a particular area relevant to fashion management, such as mathematics or social sciences. For postgraduate degrees in fashion management, students will need to hold a bachelor’s degree of some kind, often in a related subject such as fashion design, business, management or marketing.

Some more specialist fashion schools may require a portfolio of previous projects to prove current skill and experience level. Also, as the fashion industry is a global enterprise, any knowledge of secondary languages, particularly French or Italian, could be incredibly beneficial, both in getting accepted into a fashion management program abroad and also for your future career.

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What will I learn studying fashion management abroad?

In general, undergraduate-level fashion management degrees will offer students the chance to gain a broad education in both fashion and business. The programs will usually offer an introduction to the fashion industry as well as basic applicable business skills, such as:

  • Brand management
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Trend analysis
  • Fashion technology
  • Production management

At the postgraduate level, a fashion management degree can also offer a broad education but will usually dive into more complex issues and topics. Some postgraduate programs will also allow students to choose a specific area of fashion management, such as marketing or styling, offering a more in-depth, specialist qualification that leads to more specific roles within the fashion industry.

Careers in fashion management

Studying a fashion management degree abroad can prepare you for various careers within the fashion industry, from overseeing textile production to marketing fashion and luxury brands, and everything in between. Some common areas that a degree in fashion management can lead to are:

  • Fashion merchandizing
  • Fashion brand management
  • Fashion buyer
  • Retail & sales
  • Fashion marketing
  • Fashion journalist
  • Production manager

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