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What is Human Resources?

Human Resources was first considered as a concept in the late 19th century, and has since evolved into a widely used umbrella term that signifies the management and development of people within a company. As organisations seek to gain an edge over their competitors in a rapidly shifting business world, HR professionals play a key role in cultivating the values, ambitions and systems that help to facilitate a strong working culture and deliver quality employees.

HR professionals are intrinsic to the modern workplace and their role goes above and beyond conventional personnel management and administration. Today, they must ensure that employees can realize their potential in accordance with company objectives. Here are some of their primary responsibilities: 

  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Learning and development
  • Health and well-being in the workplace
  • Employee salary, benefits and compensation
  • Managing employee relations
  • Budget management

Human Resources and the business pyramid hierachy

What can I expect from studying Human Resources abroad?

Studying a human resources degree abroad could be the start of an exciting career in helping those around you reach their potential. Find the perfect human resources degree using our search. abroad offers future HR professionals the unique opportunity to understand and experience how human development can operate on an international basis. Many programs have a foundation in the fundamental principles and practices of the field, and students will benefit from the chance to develop in core areas of  communications, technology, business and ethics. Those who study a human resources degree abroad could be the start of an exciting career in helping those around you reach their potential. Find the perfect human resources degree using our search. abroad will also manage projects as part of a team, engage with the latest research and theory, and get hands on experience with the latest HR software.

Perhaps most importantly, students will also gain a direct insight into what drives success within HR from the leading academics, companies and managers that collaborate with their nominated institution. Many institutions also offer the opportunity to take an internship as part of their program, and this gives students a valuable chance to gain work experience and discover which specialization of HR fits them best.  

What can I do with a human resources degree?

A human resources degree offers an endless amount of possibility. There is a requirement for HR in almost every industry, all over the world. HR graduates benefit from a great deal of flexibility and have the attractive prospect of working with recognizable brands or organizations they feel passionate about. Here are well-paid major industries that require Human Resources professionals:

  • Consultancy & Professional Services   
  • Information Technology
  • Construction 
  • Digital Media
  • Energy, Mining & Resources
  • Engineering
  • Insurance
  • Finance

Studying a human resources degree abroad will provide those pursuing a career in HR with the  tools required of them to succeed in the industry. With HR being such a multi-faceted field, graduates also have also have a wide array of specializations to consider steering their career towards. These include:

  • Talent Director
  • Diversity and Inclusion Manager
  • Corporate Communications 
  • Organizational Development Professional 
  • Training Manager
  • Recruitment Manager

What does a Human Resources degree require?

The most successful HR students are effective communicators who can thrive in group-based tasks but also have the independence to take their own initiatives. They will have a strong grasp of software and communications technology, and most importantly hold the interpersonal skills and ethical awareness that is essential to all Human Resource departments.

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