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Last updated: 1/17/2022

Graduate Salaries for the Top 25 Jobs in the U.S. in 2022

Looking for salary information for graduates? Here are 25 of the best jobs in the U.S. in 2022 plus how much graduates might expect to earn when entering into these positions.

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Last updated: 9/3/2021

5 Eco-Friendly Universities

Where can you find some of the most sustainable universities in the world? With increasing importance given to sustainability on college campuses, we have looked for the greenest colleges around the globe that you should consider when thinking about studying abroad.

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Last updated: 8/19/2021

Which Universities Produce the Most Successful People?

If becoming a billionaire is your plan and you want to know which university will most increase your chances, then look no further! We’ve ranked all the top universities in the world based on the successes of their richest students to answer this question. This was achieved by taking the top 100 graduates from the Forbes Billionaires list and working out which universities most often produced billionaires.

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Last updated: 7/26/2021

How to Get a Student Job in the UK

Students who study abroad are looking for adventure and challenge. lf your next stop is the UK, here is some helpful advice for getting student jobs in the UK.

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Last updated: 7/26/2021

Tips on Student Social Life in the UK

Have you ever wondered what your social life would look like if you were in the UK studying abroad? Mystery solved! Nicola Hayman will give you the studying inspiration you need to study in the UK. Read on for some tips from a local- you might find yourself in the UK studying abroad before you know it.

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Last updated: 1/18/2022

Top 6 Soft Skills You Need in 2022 & How They'll Help You Get Ahead

Soft skills are crucial to our education, careers and everyday lives. It's important to develop your soft skills alongside your area of study. Here are the top six soft skills you need and what makes them so important.

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Last updated: 9/21/2021

6 Ways to Get Into an International University

Want to study abroad but intimidated by the admissions process? Don’t be. With a little organization and preparation, you can be successful in being admitted to an international program of study.

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Last updated: 9/21/2021

Crafting the Perfect Study Abroad Essay

Whether you just want to do a semester or an entire program abroad in 2022, it’s likely a study abroad essay will be required. The essay is a chance to make a great first impression and show the university administration that you’re ready to make the commitment to take your education even further by going abroad. Consider some of the following tips to really make your study abroad essay stand out!

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Last updated: 2/21/2022

How to Study Abroad: The Ultimate Guide for International Students in 2022

Are you wondering how to study abroad, and where to even start? First things first – when should you study abroad? Can you afford it? Which country should you even choose, and how do you apply? Read on to learn how to study abroad in 2022.

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Last updated: 9/1/2021

How to Put Study Abroad on a Resume

So, you did it! You made the decision to study abroad and now you have the experience, and more importantly, the degree to prove it. But, this is only the beginning of the adventure. Now it’s time to put everything you learned to practice.

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