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Master degree business educations

business masters

Master degree business educations

Master degree business educations are available for students that wish to pursue a higher academic degree in business studies. The master degrees give students a useful combination of theoretical and practical skills and usually last for 1 or 2 years. Admission to a master degree business education usually requires completion of a bachelor degree in a similar field of study.

Master degree business educationsFind Master degree business educations

Master of Arts in Business - MA

The master of arts in business degree is one of the most common degree types. The programme content consists of both course-based and research-based learning. Usually, a dissertation should be completed as a part of the programme.

Master of Science in Business - Msci

The master of science in business is another common academic degree type. It usually involves 1 or 2 years of course- and research based studies typically finishing with a dissertation.

Master of Business Administration

We have created specific sections where you can read about the internationally recognized master degree business education types Master of Business Administration and Executive MBA.

The above mentioned degrees do not cover all available options. At you can search for all types of Master degree business educations.

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Last update: 25 May 2011