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  • Why study abroad?
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    We believe everyone should study abroad! There are so many reasons why studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, find out more

  • Articles & Advice
    Kommunikation och Förändringsarbete

    Need help preparing to study abroad? Check out our articles page for tips and advice on studying abroad, including how to choose the right country, university and program. ... read more

  • Quiz: What type of student are you?

    Take Our Student Quiz to Study Abroad

    Our student quiz is also great if you’ve considered studying abroad. If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, you may learn a lot about the motivation behind your decision to take your studies overseas. As with all aspects of the study experience, we are all pursuing education for different reasons. The same is true for why we want to study abroad. Some of us love the thrill, others want to use it to boost their resume, and still others just want to be immersed into a new culture. No matter what your inspiration is, studying abroad is beneficial on many levels for all students. Not only is it great to put on a resume, a study abroad experience also provides students the opportunity to grow personally by teaching them the skills necessary to make it in a globalized world.

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Last update: 23 Oct 2018