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Bachelor Degrees in Design Studies

The world of fashion is extensive and consists of numerous exciting domains to choose from. You can choose to become a garment and footwear designer, makeup artist, photographer, public relations executive, trend researcher, spec and fit technician, writer or even critic.

Entry requirements

To obtain bachelor degrees in fashion and design, a degree or diploma in textiles, graphic design, marketing, dressmaking, or any other fashion-related course places you at a better position to get a competitive program. Without prior coursework, proven industry experience and hands-on expertise is valuable, especially to people coming from non-fashion/textile-related backgrounds. Bachelor degree candidates must also exhibit exceptional creativity, eye for color and feel for fabric, conceptualization, commercial awareness, and networking skills among others.

Course duration

Typical fashion and design bachelor degrees take about three years to complete. The first year involves providing fundamental grounding using technical and creative classes and projects. The following academic year revolves around experimentation using sketching, 3D developments, and extensive project research in school and in the industry. The third year usually requires conceptualizing, creating, and executing a final collection and may be showcased as a competition.

Getting your bachelor degree: things to consider

A career is a life-long journey and should not be taken lightly, and fashion and design is no exception. Carefully evaluate your skill set and character to ensure it fits this vocation. Fashion designers study trends, decide themes, create designs using computer-aided programs, select fabrics, colors and styles, create prototypes, present concepts, and eventually oversee final productions. If all this sounds thrilling, then be sure to choose bachelor degrees that fit your talent.