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Why study a fine arts degree abroad?

Studying a fine arts degree abroad offers students the opportunity of self-expression, of exploring and developing their creative capabilities, of pursuing a career that they are truly passionate about. As a field, fine arts is particularly varied, and the plethora of career options are mirrored by the many different fine art degrees that are offered by art schools and universities all around the world.

A fine arts degree could lead to careers such as:

  • Art gallery manager
  • Art therapist
  • Arts administrator
  • Exhibition/museum/gallery curator
  • Fine artist
  • Illustrator
  • Interior designer
  • Photographer
  • Printmaker

What are the prerequisites for studying fine art?

For students looking to study a fine arts degree, practical experience and a passion for both traditional and contemporary art is highly important. A portfolio is generally required as part of the student’s application which includes evidence of previous project work, as well as any notes and sketches of concepts or incomplete work. Knowledge and experience in other subjects such as history, media studies, performing arts and graphic design could be greatly beneficial in your application.

In terms of skills, some important qualities for a professional artist to possess (or develop through training) are:

  • good observational, analytical and research skills
  • strong problem solving
  • the ability to develop ideas
  • the ability to collaborate with others
  • take and learn from criticism and be objective about your art
  • an openness to new and exciting influences
  • the ability to draw inspiration from anywhere
  • entrepreneurial skills for marketing and selling your work
A fine art student paints pastel colors on a canvas

What will I learn studying a fine arts degree abroad?

The main reason students choose to study fine arts abroad is to hone their creative abilities and become better artists. However, a fine arts degree can offer so much more. Students will likely have opportunities to showcase their work as part of school-run exhibitions, giving them experience in creating and curating a series of works as part of a larger event. Students will also gain valuable networking opportunities with both accomplished artists and industry professionals, such as gallery curators and arts administrators that could potentially have a great impact on a student’s future career. Some fine arts degrees will also include courses on how to effectively run a business as a freelance artist, covering topics such as tax, invoicing, art delivery, studio management and marketing.

Diplomas in Fine Arts

A diploma in fine arts is a particularity good option for those who:

  • haven't had a lot of art experience before and want to develop some basic skills
  • didn't study art in high school and want to study it a university level
  • looking to develop their art skills for hobby purposes
  • need to develop a portfolio of work in order to apply for further art education

Bachelor's degrees in Fine Arts

A bachelor's level fine arts degree is suitable for those with perhaps a bit of experience in art, who studied related subjects at high school and are wanting to pursue their passion further. At bachelor level, a fine arts degree will offer opportunities to gain multidisciplinary skills as well as more specialized skills in a specific art medium. For example, a fine art student may choose to specialize in drawing while also gaining more broad experience in other subjects that will compliment and widen the student's skills and frame of reference.

Master's degrees in Fine Arts

A master's degree in fine arts is an opportunity to take the skills and knowledge you've learned at lower levels (e.g. bachelor's degree) and develop them to an advanced level. Oftentimes, fine arts master students will focus more on one particular medium of fine art, such as photography, drawing, painting or graphic design, with the goal of becoming a specialist artist in that area. 

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