Study in China: Application Process

Are you ready to apply for admission at a Chinese university? We hope you are! The application procedure for Chinese universities is not complex at all, as it includes particular steps you need to follow. However, before you start with your application, consider navigating into the websites of your selected universities, as there might be changes and particular rules, depending on the institution. In addition, changes in the documents you will need vary if you apply for a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree.

1.Choose your study major

Start by picking the degrees you are mostly interested in by taking into account the career path you would like to follow. How do you see yourself in the future and what is your dream job? Don’t forget that China offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in all disciplines that can cover all your study needs.

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2. Check Particular Admission Requirements 

Depending on the academic level of the degree and the university, there are always particular requirements you should be aware of. Right after choosing what you want to study, select your desired universities, navigate through their websites and pay attention to your chosen study programs curriculums so you have a general idea of what would be expected of you and what requirements you need to meet in order to get admitted.

3. Prepare the Paperwork 

Each program depending on the university differs, so make sure you make a list with the programs you wish to apply for and gather the required documentation for each program. Applying online means that you need to upload the front page of your passport (the one that includes the photo of yours) and also have some spare passport photos and copies of your passport available as well. Moreover, prepare your personal statement where you will explain why you want a place in the particular program. 

Among others, you might need to submit your previous graduation certificates or transcripts of records from your Bachelor’s (if you apply for a Master’s degree for instance), a non-criminal record certificate and a medical examination certificate. Furthermore, you will probably need recommendation letters, proof of knowledge of the English language, i.e IELTS or TOEFL if you apply for English-taught programs and possibly, a financial guarantor letter, as a proof that you have financial assistance yourself for your studies.

Finally, if the degree you are applying is taught in Mandarin Chinese, then you also need to be able to prove your Chinese language proficiency through the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) examination.

4.Submit Your Application 

Your application procedure for Chinese universities can be completed through various ways. First, you can apply directly to the university page, online. Second, you can apply through official support services who assist you as a mediator between you and the universities like CUCAS, China Admissions and The China University Application Center (CUAC). Avoid unofficial agencies and websites and apply by paying the application fee and uploading all the necessary documents.

5. When accepted, apply for a Visa/Residence Permit 

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your application procedure for Chinese universities and you are officially a student. As a next step after you receive your letter of acceptance with all the necessary information is to apply for the student visa and also deposit your first installment of the tuition fees, in case you are not a scholarship recipient. Begin with the student visa procedures as soon as possible by visiting or contacting your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

6. Make Health Insurance Arrangements 

Every international student arriving in China for studies is legally obliged to obtain private medical insurance, since, unfortunately, the Chinese healthcare system can’t provide health coverage to international students. Start the procedures for your medical insurance along with the visa ones in order not to lose valuable time. Choose your medical insurance plan wisely depending on your budget and needs, by paying attention to what is included or not. Some of the main healthcare insurers in China are: China Taiping Insurance, China Life Insurance and China Pacific Insurance.

7. Arrive in China 

Since you have your visa and medical insurance ready, you can book your flight to China and search for accommodation options. Pack the necessary clothing, relax and fill yourself with determination and positivity for your new study journey in China!

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Last update: 28 Jun 2021


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