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Education in China

Interested in an Education in China?

Pursuing an education in China means learning from an education system that has been developed over 200 years.Held as one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world, China has been a popular study destination for international students due to its exciting culture and employment opportunities. Chinese universities are well respected as well and a number of them have been seen on some of the major rankings. A student pursuing his/her education is bound to have a different experience depending on the city he/she is in. The capital city of China, Shanghai for example, is a fast past commercial hub that shares an intriguing history. 

This guide below provides comprehensive information for students who wish to undertake their education in China, in turn providing them with the best experience for job prospects in various fields.

China - The Facts & Figures




Standard Chinese



Area Size

9,596,961 km²


11,256,800 (200,000 international)

Academic Year

March - October


Renminbi (yuan; ¥)

Calling Code


Time Zone

China Standard Time(UTC+8)

More information about China:

The most populous country in the world, China is located in Eastern Asia along the western Pacific Ocean shore. China's universities have been dominating the BRICS and Emerging Economies rankings 2016 that highlight the growing trends of international students who pursue their education in China.

This exciting country is well known for its ancient history, picturesque landscapes and cultural experiences. China's vast landscape is also accountable for a continental climate and the weather is strikingly different across the country. Students pursuing their education in China can benefit from diverse landscape including various actives like Trekking, day trips as well as skiing and snow boarding.

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Last update: 11 Jul 2017