Study in China: Housing & Living Costs

One main reason to pick China as your next academic destination is the affordable housing and living costs, compared to countries like the UK or USA. The cost of living in China is student friendly as you will have the opportunity to choose among numerous cities depending on your budget, university preference and lifestyle. 

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The most popular student cities in China include Shanghai (the largest city), Beijing (the cultural center of the country), Shenzhen (The Asian Silicon Valley) or Hong Kong (The trade and investment center). Smaller cities such as Chengdu or Hangzhou are famous among international students as well. 

As a result, it would be good to plan your monthly budget ahead in order to be prepared. A popular option as an international student is to choose to stay in student dormitories offered by the university, where the cost ranges among 150-400 USD per month. Renting a flat in the city you are studying alone or with a roommate is also an option, but keep in mind that you are expected to pay more, from 300-1000 USD per month. 

The location of the apartment and the city plays a big role in your expenses. Another great option to reduce your cost of living in China would be to live with a Chinese family during your studies. The prices range from 300-550 USD per month and it would be a great opportunity to meet new people, indulge into Chinese culture and (why not?) practise your Chinese language skills!

The cost of living in China differs depending on the region you are living in and the cost of food, monthly rent, utilities and transportation is slightly higher in the bigger cities. For example, in metropolitan big cities, your monthly costs could be around 850 USD, while in smaller ones up to 550 USD. Take advantage of your student discount while using the great services of the Chinese public transport system which will only cost you around 20 USD per month.

Save some money in advance per semester for your study materials which will cost around 50 USD depending on your study major and also invest in a medical insurance program that meets your budget criteria and needs. 

Average living costs in China:


20.00 ¥


26.00 ¥


7.00 ¥

Cinema Ticket

45. 00 ¥

Monthly rent

from 1.900 ¥

Monthly Transport

from 121 ¥

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Last update: 28 Jun 2021


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