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Study in Montréal: A Montréal International Student Interview

Hasti, a recent graduate and now a working software engineer, explains why she is planning to stay in Montréal long term. 

May 2, 2022
  • Study Abroad in Canada

Q&A with Hasti, an international student who decided to stay in Montréal after graduating

Q: Where are you from?
A: I’m from Iran.

Q: Where and what did you study in Montréal?
A: I studied at Concordia University and I did a Master’s in software engineering.

Q: Why did you decide to stay in Montréal after you graduated?
A: I found happiness and a future in Montréal. It’s such a vibrant city filled with energy and opportunity. It really feels like anything is possible here.

There are so many job opportunities, festivals all year round, and the quality of life is unmatched. Plus there are people from all around the globe, that makes you feel like you’re home and part of the city.

The city is amazing for students. Public transport is accessible and affordable, and university tuition costs less than other big cities in Canada. Housing and groceries are also cheaper. Plus the city is filled with students so you never feel like you’re alone and have support during stressful times like finals.

After graduation, I also find it’s easier to find a job, buy a house and a car, pay for insurance and settle down at a young age compared to other big cities.

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Q: What did you have to do to stay in Montréal?
A: One of the best things about Montréal is that it’s francophone, which gives everyone studying here a great opportunity to learn French. All university graduates here are eligible for a post-graduate work permit, which covers you to work for one to three years depending on the duration of your studies.

When I finished my master’s degree, I got my three-year post-graduate work permit. All I had to do then is find a job in my field of study, which I did, stay in the same job for one year and pass a French exam. From there, I can apply for the Certificat de selection du Québec (CSQ), which allows me to apply for permanent resident status.

Q: How do you like working in Montréal?
A: I love the company I’m working with right now. I love my colleagues, the work environment, everything. In my experience, Montréal is a great place to work in the tech sector. I feel like people work hard and play hard here. Office hours are flexible, most companies offer good RRSP and insurance plans, work facilities are almost always good, and I feel companies handled the pandemic situation really well.

Q: What does the future hold for you? Do you plan on staying in Montréal long term?
A: Yes I’m planning to stay here. I’ve finished studying French, I’ve found a stable job. So my next step is to apply for the CSQ once I’ve been at my job for a year and, once I get that, apply for permanent residency. I know for sure that I will stay in Montréal at least until I get my Canadian citizenship, and probably longer.

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