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The GRE and Graduate Studies Abroad

GRE and Study Abroad

If you are considering graduate-level education, then maybe you have also thought about taking advantage of a study abroad opportunity. Naturally, the application process to grad schools varies by country. However, there are some important commonalities to focus on.

Take, for example, the Graduate Records Examinations (GRE) test, which is a common standardized exam that tests verbal and quantitative reasoning, as well as analytical writing. This exam is almost universally required to study at a graduate level in the United States. So, if you have your sights on an American university, you will almost certainly need to begin preparing to take the test.

That being said, many American students falsely believe they will not need to take the GRE if they are planning on studying abroad. However, many international graduate-level programs also use this test as an indicator of a student’s potential to augment their previous undergraduate and professional performance.

The test is especially important to gain admittance into international business schools; however, many other programs will also ask to see your scores. It’s a good idea to check with your specific school or program well in advance of the application date to figure out whether a GRE test score will be required for admittance.

Check here to see the full, comprehensive list of which universities accept GRE test scores. Note that this list may change depending on the year you plan to study.

How Does the GRE Work?

GRE and Study Abroad

If you have determined the test will be required, you can visit the official GRE website to sign-up and register for a date to complete the test. You can take the test in over 1,000 test centers located in more than 160 countries. Exams are given on a continuous basis, but note that if you are a student from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Korea, the exam is only available up to three times a month.

And since you are making the commitment to register and take the test, make sure to thoroughly prepare in order to demonstrate to schools that you are ready to take on the challenge of graduate studies. There are many resources, both print and digital, that can help you study so that you begin the test with confidence.

On test day, be ready to spend the full 3 hours and 45 minutes answering questions of varying difficulty. As previously mentioned, you will be expected to demonstrate a mastery of both verbal and quantitative reasoning, as well as the written ability to craft a sound argument. Furthermore, the test is conducted in English, so an advanced level of proficiency in the language is required.

Don’t worry, depending on your test performance, you can either report or cancel your scores. Think you can do better? You can take the computer-delivered GRE once every 21 days up to five times within a twelve-month period. If you are satisfied and decide to report on them, you also have the option to choose which schools will receive your scores.

Therefore, it’s important to know in advance to which schools you are interested in applying. We can help you with that decision, especially if you are giving serious thought to studying abroad.

Try out our search to find out which graduate program is the right fit for you.

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Last update: 02 Oct 2018

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