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Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Covering an area of 10 million square meters, Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world, stretching, as its motto says, ”From Sea to Sea.”  Canada offers a diverse range of beautiful landscapes, from towering mountains to hulking glaciers to dense, unsettled forests. Canada has a number of exciting, multi-cultural cities to discover, and also offers an abundance of nature to explore through skiing, hiking, and more.

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Canada in short facts & figures

Capital: Ottawa
Official language: English & French
Government: Federal parliamentary democracy & constitutional monarchy
Area: 3,854,085 square miles/ 9,984,670 square kilometers
Population: 36.2 million
Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)
Calling code: +1

About Canada

Canada was first settled by indigenous Indian peoples, mostly Eskimos, thousands of years ago. The first European known to reach Canadian shores  was an Italian named John Cabot. It was the French, however, who settled most of Canada, but lost a great portion of their new territory to the English. In 1867, Canada gained a self-government, but still retains their ties to England as a member of their Commonwealth. Today Canada is often ranked as one of the top places in the world to live, and offers its residents a high quality of life. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why, despite the cold temperatures, Canadians are known to be such friendly people.

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Canadians place a great importance on learning. As such, Canadian schools have high academic standards and are well-maintained by a first-rate education system across all provinces. Qualifications earned in Canada are valued internationally, and graduates of Canadian education institutions go on to make great contributions to society. Read on through this Study in Canada guide to learn more about education in Canada and the practical details to consider in preparation to study in Canada.

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City Guides in Canada:

>> City Guide: Toronto
>> City Guide: Montreal
>> City Guide: Vancouver
>> City Guide: Ottawa

Last update: 30 Nov 2016

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