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03 Sep 2021

5 Eco-Friendly Universities

Where can you find some of the most sustainable universities in the world? With increasing importance given to sustainability on college campuses, we have looked for the greenest colleges around the globe that you should consider when thinking about studying abroad.

Besides the obvious energy savings that eco-friendly colleges generate, some innovative schools are integrating sustainability practices into all facets of their programs, operations, and student experiences. You’ll find that you won’t only benefit from living in a climate-conscious setting, but you’ll also have many opportunities to learn about and actively participate in sustainability practices!

Wageningen University & Research

Though Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the Netherlands has been named as one of the most sustainable universities in the world for many years, they continue to enhance sustainability in all dimensions. WUR became globally-known for sustainability on college campuses when they reached climate neutrality in 2015- showing a higher CO2 compensation than emission.

WUR’s Green Office is a cooperative space connecting students and research at the heart of its campus. The goal is to give all students and employees access to sustainable options and to create opportunities for new ideas to be exchanged.

Students can be involved at one of the most eco-friendly colleges through several programs offering courses related to environmental sustainability- an integral part of the programs they provide. As a graduate of WUR, you will be a part of a greater initiative to educate and create sustainable citizens of the world.

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Algebra University College

Algebra University College in Croatia is consistently involved in the ASEF program, an intergovernmental non-profit organization whose goal is to address global challenges, such as climate change, and strengthen ties between Asia and Europe.

As one of the greenest colleges in Europe, Algebra University College is involved with multiple sustainability projects, including the fields of forest bioeconomy and sustainable tourism, with emphasis on green and eco-friendly growth. Students also have the opportunity to learn from Algebra’s experts on current and future digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain.

Aarhus University

Joining the previously mentioned environmentally friendly colleges in Europe is Aarhus University in Denmark, another campus where students see sustainability in action and can participate themselves. The university’s ambitious climate strategy guides the institution towards sustainable operational practices such as using BPA-free sustainable water bottles that can be reused instead of plastic at conferences.

One great example of sustainability on college campuses in Aarhus is Studenterhusfonden, a climate-conscious student organization that runs 12 canteens as well as a guesthouse, bakery, and café in the area around the university. Their vision is to provide high quality food with a local identity and Nordic origin, all organic and cooked from scratch.

Students can participate in these operations along with over 100 courses dedicated to topics related to sustainability practices, making Aarhus students a valuable contribution to the surrounding community.

Tal Tech

Tal Techin Estonia is nurturing the next generation of engineers, advancing engineering culture in the country, contributing to the sustainable development of Estonian society, and increasing national prosperity with its innovative services- all while being one of the most sustainable universities in the region. Their vision is to create an innovative Estonia in a sustainable world.

The school is an advocate and planner of the intelligent lifestyle in Estonia, offering a variety of eco-friendly programs such as Environmental Engineering and Management or Materials & Processes for Sustainable Energetics. Tal Tech research groups are focused on enhancing practices in clean energy and sustainable food production.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in Switzerland is not only a top ranking hospitality management school, but also another one of the greenest colleges in Europe. EHL’s new campus is the first Swiss campus with “Minergie-P” standards, a highly demanding Swiss ecological designation. The university is equipped with geothermal probes to harvest heat for the buildings, photovoltaic solar panels covering a surface area equivalent to three Olympic swimming pools, and a novel wastewater heat recovery system, which together will provide 90% of the school’s heating needs.

In the meantime, EHL actively embraces many eco-friendly practices. A waste management system and electric car transportation on campus are one of many EHL sustainability initiatives. EHL’s sustainable vegetable garden is a great example of sustainability on college campuses, where the garden helps create environmental awareness and enables students to learn about the importance of local, quality, and sustainable resources.

Opportunities to study at one of these environmentally friendly colleges will enrich any student’s experience by providing an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in learning about sustainability practices while actively contributing to the environment and community around them.

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Last update: 03 Sep 2021

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