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Tal Tech University

Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech is a modern and internationally successful institute, with a long academic history. The public university is the only technological university in Estonia, and Estonia’s leader when it comes to engineering and technical education.

Set in an inspiring environment, TalTech offers a both cultural and exciting educational experience. With Northern Europe’s best housing and sporting facilities, TalTech’s campus is also the home of the Estonian Information Technology College. The campus also holds around 150 high-tech companies, including Skype.

TalTech's specialties include Information Technology, Cyber Security, E-Governance, Engineering, Economics, Business Administration and Law.

Estonia’s Engineering Flagship

The internationally successful university is an innovative hub, where ideas are born every day. Technological, natural, exact, social and health sciences synergize into a melting pot of innovation when they come together. 

On its way to becoming one of the leading universities in the Baltic Sea Region, TalTech acts as an active partner in collaborations between universities, national institutions and business conglomerates.

Open and international

TalTech welcomes international students and faculty, and is always seeking new motivated and dedicated additions, who are constantly improving their practical and theoretical knowledge and skills.

With a strong focus on research, TalTech has cooperation projects with top universities ( including KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, Aalto University, National University of Singapore, Delft University of Technology, Stanford University and US Berkeley), scientists and companies (e.g. Microsoft, Google, IBM and ABB) around the world.

As a TalTech graduate you will be part of an alumni that is successful on an international level; your TalTech degree is your key to a successful career!

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Tallinn University of Technology

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TalTech Testimonials

Yuliia - e-Governance Technologies Services MSc

My name is Yuliia Petriv and I am a first-year student of e-Governance technologies and services masters programme at TalTech. E-governance programme is run by School of IT. It is a unique program in Europe and it is focused on understanding and sharing Estonian success in the e-Governance field.

YuliiaThe structure of the programme combines theoretical classes on public management, planning, and implementation of e-services, etc. with more technology-based courses (courses on Java programming, cloud technologies, etc.). E-governance specialists are the missing link between developers and public officials - they should understand potential legislative prerequisites of new services, the business processes behind it and technological requirements to build it.

My program is flexible. By combining certain elective courses (within our program) with optional courses (that are generally taught at TalTech) one can easily focus on their topics of interest. For example, students who are interested in the application of data science to the public field may select respective courses taught by School of IT, students who are interested in privacy matters in public services may take courses from School of Business and Governance. 

To sum it up, e-Governance program is perfect for students who are interested in technology but lean more towards the project management and business analysis aspect of it. Best of luck on your application and I hope to see you in September as a part of our e-Governance family!

Elina - International Relations and European-Asian Studies MA 

I wanted to live abroad but at that time I was so young that I did not want to go too far away from Finland, so I chose Estonia. At first I was just working in Tallinn and did not even consider the possibility of studying in the university. A few years passed and I found myself applying to university for Bachelor degree studies in Estonia. After graduating I immediately applied to study Master's degree at TalTech. I didn't even consider other countries because Estonia already felt like home to me. Estonia is the right mix of something familiar and something unique, at least for us Finns. Both Finland and Estonia share first place in my heart but the future is looking even brighter for Estonia!

Why did you choose TalTech? Elina

TalTech had just the programme I was looking for, it was in the same city I wanted to stay and I have heard a lot of good things about it through my friends. The main reason for my decision was the programme itself.

What do you think about your programme?

I am studying International Relations and European-Asian studies (MA). I like how the programme covers a variety of topics under the umbrella of International Relations. I had a chance to study Asian countries that are not geographically close but still have a big influence in International Relations. I also got more familiar with how the European Union works which then again hits closer to home as we are in Estonia. Studying at Tallinn University of Technology has been challenging at times but at the end rewarding and my programme gives me a good foundation for my future career!

Shamaise - BA in Law

“Why did you leave a sunny area for a place that is usually cold?” I have been asked this question many times before and my answer is simple, travelling to Estonia is worth the 12 hours and 41 minutes flight from Antigua because the experience received is priceless. ShamaiseI first learnt of Estonia from a fellow Antiguan who was completing his final year of studies.  I then decided to do some research of my own and the information that was unveiled was absolutely amazing! As a student, one of your main concerns will be managing your finances. Estonia affords you the opportunity to live comfortably while maintaining a social life. For instance, public transportation is free with your student Isic card or bus card. Also, you are eligible to receive discounts at restaurants, the movies, travelling and the list goes on.

I am in love with nature and I knew apart from studying I will be engulfed in my surrounding areas. Estonia’s beautifully constructed buildings along with cobble stone streets have the perfect medieval feel while tossing in that 21st century flair. The views in the Old Town are undeniably breath-taking and gives you that deserving time to rejuvenate from intense studying.

Why did you chose Tallinn University of Technology?

Despite the fact that Estonia is a small Baltic country in Europe, the Government takes pride in technological developments. I strongly believe learning is effective when technology is incorporated. Once I discovered lectures can be followed using the Moodle site and professors who encourage the use of technology in their lectures that was a plus for me. To add to this decision, TTU has one of the best library facilities that I have seen and provides you with electronic and physical materials that are useful for any assignment that you will need to complete.

What do you think about the programme you are studying?

I am currently completing my first year in Bachelor of Law. The course requires research, facts, confidence and the ability to articulate these three. I am able to learn the fundamentals of International and European Law which allows me to utilize these skills learnt in the Caribbean community.  The professors promote team work within the classroom which encourages unity and learning different perspectives on a topic. Also, the professors supervise these groups and are approachable if you need assistance with completing a task. Everyone loves a good mystery and seeing justice being enforced in our society. Tallinn law school provides you with the tools to make it a reality.

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