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Tallinn University of Technology

A vision of today’s society is innovative, entrepreneurial, technologically advanced, and open to the world, and this is what Tallinn Unversity of Technology (TalTech) is applying for through internationally high-level studies and research. 

At TalTech, we make real things and develop them on the spot from scratch. The featured projects cover a wide range - self-driving vehicles, TalTech100 satellite, e-Pavement (road pavement that produces solar electricity), artificial intelligence to create personal routes for tourists, and much more!

We offer an opportunity to study in a modern digital campus where many of the most recent technologies are tested and implemented on a daily basis. One of our recent initiatives — TalTechDigital — links digitalization with education, making TalTech the most innovative campus in the country.

World ranked and the most international university in Estonia

Founded in 1918, TalTech is ranked in top 3% of world's best universities (QS World University Rankings). It is the only university of technology in Estonia and accommodates around 10,000 students, out of which 14% are international students from over 100 different countries.

Modern study programmes

TalTech’s study programmes and learning environment are constantly developing. Experienced professionals from both private and public sectors are involved and consulted to create curricula that would meet the latest needs of the labour market.

Several of the university’s laboratories have recently been renewed and more and more teaching is done via e-channels. Engineering and IT go in hand in hand in TalTech, which is reflected in our modern study programmes that closely combine the two fields. Over the years, TalTech engineers have developed smart and sustainable solutions for many pertinent problems in Estonia. 

Our programmes provide high-quality education by combining in-depth study and creative labs. Thus, you will get the best hands-on experience for your education and your career. You can find a suitable programme for your career with internationally recognised programmes in:

  • School of Information Technologies
  • School of Business and Governance
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Science

Bringing together students, scientist and entrepreneurs

At TalTech, we value cooperation with enterprises and business. For many companies as well as public authorities, we are often the first contact point for finding solutions to a variety of organizational and product development questions.

Our innovation and business centre Mektory brings together researchers, students and entrepreneurs offering young people inspiration, knowledge, and resources to create and develop student start-ups and other innovative business ideas.

TalTech is an academic opinion leader as well as the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology. The courage to change, the will to evolve, and desire to have knowledge-based discussions make TalTech a think tank in academic discussions.

We believe that a high level of research and academic studies, as well as academic freedom, are absolutely crucial. Thus, TalTech has become the first university in Estonia to offer a tenure-based academic career model.

NOTE! Please read more information about COVID-19 and admissions here!


Bachelor's degree
International Business Delivery method Length Location
BA in International Business Administration On campus 3 years Tallinn
Computer Science & IT
Cyber Security
BSc in Cyber Security Engineering On campus 3 years Tallinn
Engineering & Technology
BSc in Integrated Engineering On campus 3 years Tallinn
BA in Law On campus 3 years Tallinn
Master's degree
Art & Design
MSc in Design and Technology Futures On campus 2 years Tallinn
Computer Science & IT
Cyber Security
MSc in Cybersecurity On campus 2 years Tallinn
Information Technology
MSc in Digital Health On campus 2 years Tallinn
MSc in e-Governance Technologies and Services On campus 2 years Tallinn
Software Engineering
MSc in Computer and Systems Engineering On campus 2 years Tallinn
Engineering & Technology
Electrical Engineering
MSc in Communicative Electronics On campus 2 years Tallinn
MSc in Mechatronics On campus 2 years Tallinn
Environmental Engineering
MSc in Environmental Engineering and Management On campus 2 years Tallinn
Industrial Engineering
MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management On campus 2 years Tallinn
Material Engineering
MSc in Materials and Processes of Sustainable Energetics On campus 2 years Tallinn
MSc in Technology of Wood, Plastics and Textiles On campus 2 years Tallinn
Humanities & Culture
Political Science
MA in Technology Governance and Digital Transformation On campus 2 years Tallinn
MA in Law On campus 2 years Tallinn
MSc in Applied Physics On campus 2 years Tallinn
MBA Entrepreneurial Management On campus 2 years Tallinn
International Business
MA in International Business Administration On campus 2 years Tallinn

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Scholarships & funding

Students from non-EU countries are required to pay tuition fees unless they receive a tuition fee waiver. A tuition fee waiver is a scholarship that grants free education based on the points gained in the course of admission (it is automatically awarded to the best candidates).

The EU citizens are exempt from tuition fees unless they are enrolled in a study programme under the School of Business and Governance.

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Tallinn University of Technology

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